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strength than drugs or galenicals and in this class of
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original work in surgery during the previous six years i
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posterior extremity of two digitiform appendages situated on each side
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motive. In my experience the majority of the general physicians do
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statistics the rapid increase in recent years of pauper lunacy and the
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its follicles themselves are considerably enlarged. This
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of the crypts will favor the encystment of the pyogenic
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latter deal rather with what the senses apprehend that is
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Mr. Gurney s bill however as a whole failed to commend
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ness of the principle they were bound to have an experimental home
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done belongs rather to the completion of a structure which in its main
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had a contrary interpretation a remarkable pulsation of the carotids.
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as the large cell and the small cell type respectively. The
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scription is an excellent external application Stramonium ointment 1 ounce
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a mere coincidence a new interest in this neglected
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sponged off and returned to abdomen. Spleen also pulled
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with paralysis just as he was about to deliver the last lec
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fingers have been sutured and in the fourth week where the
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be the primary infectious cause of scarlatina. He finds
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the former group belong Alligator Chamaeleon Varanus and
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do not necessarily destroy the bacteria which give rise to
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sessing powers of selection elaboration and even digestion. Mar
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strain of green producing streptococcus. At the same time observations
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poorer classes insufficient food bad clothing and such like are important
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from the joint cavity into the cancellated tissue of the scapula. Upon
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which have come to be regarded as predisposing fac
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phv there is an increase of the sarc lt deiuma luiclei.
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crescences when present must be removed by operation.
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A. Duhring and Milton B. Hartzell have brought their
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factor which prevented the drawing of the testicle down
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held some thirty years ago and it was not strange there
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the lower part of the sternum at its left border between the
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these characters have been developed and perpetuated by
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days. According to these figures which are official
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symptom has never been aggravated by the treatment he thinks the
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The cases of scrofulodermia numbered 60 and from these 52 cultures
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Oliver considers that the most potent factor bearing upon
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It has been already pointed out when describing the physiology of
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the pulmonary artery preventing return of blood into
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bleeding yet by emptying the humours of the blood into the
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servative doctrines of the founders and framers of the Republic men
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Medical Officer at the State Institution for Mental Defectives
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great pain is present over a limited area. Locally cold is to be
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laboratories in which histology embryology and biology may
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in Clinton April 24 at a luncheon at the La Fayette Inn.
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As part of the project however government doctors deliberately
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only to glance at the Oerman journals to see what is expected from
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by streptococci which swarmed everywhere and produced a widespread
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useful must needs be brief. Out of many methods and a very
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school and asked whether I would consent to operate on his mare.
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medical officer in succession to Dr. Milne. The death rate
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parts of the body endeavour to grow or to make additional parts to
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he inoculated 72 children exposed to the disease and
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forty four days duration chills sore throat enlarged lymph
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the existence of the disease. However I thiuk that a
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once and found a very sick little girl whom he succeeded in bringing
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are the manufacturers who hold themselves rigidly to open
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Haewood John. On the practical use of Inhalations in Diseases
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ing papers arrived and so perfectly cured that Dr. Gunning stated that
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veloi ed. The heart not enlarged and there was no diastolic murmur.
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low after strange jjods. Now these ten million gt vn
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tion of calf in raising the heel completely lost. The
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phenomenon of the semi permeability of living matter.
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decidedly retards the development of some pathogenic
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Kentucky Definition of the Practice of Medicine 163
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from the hospital on the 26th inst. Two days later she
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ter any prominence as a curative factor in connection with
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Kichardson The Larynyosaqie St. Louis July 1916 deals with the
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appendix was removed. The lymphatic glands in the ileo
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The very first experiments at healing with immune serum were
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wrap thtm up clofe in cradles pernicious 32. Are treated
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bleeding continued for eight days and following this he was in bed
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Treatment. The patient should be kept in a well ventilated
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tive tissue occurs in irregular patches about the urethra in
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reaction is usually demonstrable at least in the more deeply
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set up this disease. This disease is most common where animals
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occur quite independently of antecedent cases In other words are
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Lawson speaks of a woman of thirty five who had been married ten
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far as the beginning of the filum terminale beyond this point the
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ature could be felt. A diagnosis of spinal cord aft ection and a
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a larger ventral and a smaller dorsal portion. The smaller divi
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Geeyasoni G.. Sul uso de nuovi Stromenti di Ostetricia del