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menia reappeared appetite and bowels regular and she had increased
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number of tables are given below showing the points
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fluid alike. The food is made into this one fluid substance
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formidable disease. The practice consists in scarifying the oedema
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affection and it remained for me to put a few points in the
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that the characters presented by tissues after death and
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payments should be passed into a fund which can be allocated
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mistakes which are inevitable in our work. There is no rea
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birth rates to 1 000 living persons being respectively 23.1 13.2
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the growth utilizable in the treatment or in the nature of a
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a piece of Jena hard glass combustion tubing is attached. This
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wide area of observation and through a long period by com
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ready about 60 cases with 20 deaths have occurred in
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ether extract of these tissues produced a well marked mustard gas burn even
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When the valves leak the heart is compelled to beat faster and
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Davis X. S. Iodine may be incorporated with a Avax mass and
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the brain is continually being bombarded with impressions from
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lUed into the proper shape is usually preferred in the present day. A
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of sugar and traces are found when digestion is slightly disturlxnl. Disease
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Both the condition of the nervous structures themselves and of
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on results. But the great majority of surgeons in adopting
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is made as follows One part of the flowers or sulphur vivum mixed
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districts where roads are conspicuous chieflj by their
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jostled each other. It was embarrassing for the ideal of Aryan nobil
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District Madras collected from a wound on the body of a bullock.
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and tender. I began local treatment with iodized plienol and
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mention first of all one of the most frequent of its affections
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injury or of the external inflammation and the condition of the
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sites aneurism of aorta near the heart overexertion may injure
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introduced into the organism in a toxic dose transforms the
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injuries and fractures conies within the scope of tlie surgeon. The acute
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could but conclude that in this explanation sufficient cause was
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ing of the cliest wall. The apex beat of the heart was distinctly
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of Latin origin. As to the degree of divergence between book Latin
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slightly to the inner side of the highest turn of the inter
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There are two seats adopted the ordinary one being to sit down
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sible that in a certain number of cases of this con
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rural population and last but not least by the want of the
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continued pleading and remonstrance of the patients
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tendency to asthma had disappeared and the normal state of the function of
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advance along its branches and give rise to minute sympathetic
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resumed uuder oueor two headings aud whose recognition
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out. I might cite you many cases of flail like limbs
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customed muscles. Next in frequency is 6 exposure to cold and espe
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the whole series. Contrary to the results of Rumpf
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feeling of intense heat 2 experienced by the patient.
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of each other arriving at very closely similar results. Both have
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tbrown up. By referring to the case it will be seen that
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for escape. Moreover being the line between slavery and freedom there
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one or two small errors have crept in. Without wishing
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after provided shall rank next below all other officers of like grade in
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lege papers and with the correspondents of city journals with a view to
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tion is a perfectly efficient one and the mass movement of
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were usually brought on by physical exertion mental
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streptococci were found in each one employee of one of the farms had
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First the patient is often nervous in the consulting
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great inaccessibility that it had more than its share of the
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On me vient de dire que le debanelie M. des Karreaux ost
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mixture to relieve excessive coughing etc. I do not consider
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found entirely lacking in tone and firmness and there were degen
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Experimental attempts to control this pest in the larval and pupal
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changes in the kidneys which may ultimately lead to the
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twice or three times a week and rarely exceeded an hour
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ment for their private ends which they either naturally have in
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