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powerful which makes it highly probable that it is chiefly in its

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Prognosis and Treatment. Invagination is always a grave con

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The prognosis in septic cases is I believe uniformly

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every case on which he has operated since. He had infection in

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comes tumid and susceptible of great pain from the slightest

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brought the desired relief. This operation had been repeated

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time and produce no bad results whereas in other cases the

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be allowed to befog the diagnosis of appendicitis. We

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invariably intact. The appearance of the ulcers was as though

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Inflammation of the covering which invests the lungs and

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the new conceptions in regard to surgical treatment of kidney

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two malignant tumors from eat to cat without success.

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looks depressed or retracted or hid the surrounding conjunctiva

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turbinated body. They may occasionally grow from the septum

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To a certain extent sweats are beneficial they clear the body

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My visit to the research laboratory was made late in the

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of milk were generally found in the same families. Sev

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I have discovered an editorial which I think is relevant

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characteristic sign the distended gall bladder. The gall bladder is

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In the diagnosis of sexual neurasthenia every appHance known

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tionship between the beneficial effects of the serum and

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below nape of neck top of each shoulder blade for six hours at

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prognosis. Dr Weisenburg said that the second patient re

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The predisposing cause of glanders in animals is depressed

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end of fifteen hours he awoke and had no further trouble.

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