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duced by such acute inflammation as follows burns and scalds

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conducted according to modern methods. Moreover Gassner s observations

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sists of a central pavilion flanked by wings set farther

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cillus begins to lose virulence after 10 such passages its

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number during the past twenty years. The cases reported

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A QUICK method of estimating correctly or even approxi

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Mf. Persians in thicl lt film dried and stained with

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iu diderent quarters particidarly Kensington Northern Liberties and South

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synchronism appears to be the rule in endocrinology so that those glands

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with two unequal lips one superior and one inferior and of active

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moistened sponge tent. Reapplied the dressing allowing room

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Massage was applied in the ordinary way the patient lying on the healthy

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ausserlicb mit den bekannten Starrezustanden der Herz und

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history of the rise of Christianity The student of the life of Jesus

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properties on the homologous or heterologous cultures. The author con

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at home Mess life. I will confess is undesirable and the

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and others but which could not have been suspected as being

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came dissolved therein pure ether as well as pure alcohol partially

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the retinal vessels are greatly diminished in size and sometimes in number.

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when the heart has regained riufhcient tone. A functional intraventricular

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Sidneys sometimes results in a median flattened renal

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seven large English towns. Among the several towns the death rate

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C. W. West has been confined to his room with an attack

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running straight from the midrib to the margin stipules deciduous

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again produce gases aromatic principles etc. so that when we con

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becomes red and shining the stomach is irritable hectic fever is accom

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tion 13 frequent and shallow and the croature is readily blown and

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ziekte takes a longer and milder course. Characteristic of

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lips blue and swollen. Before these external features are well marked

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kept wandering round its box or occasionally standing still and pawing.

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with confusion of mind muscular twitcbings on the affected side and

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probably to be found in some parts earlier than this.

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have engaged in the practice of obstetrics in this country

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and the other acid radicals whose physiological action is desired when

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In practice valvular pneumo thorax is recognised by the movement

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by mild laxatives or intestinal stimulants constipation is apt sometimes

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up the fresh water and allowed anopheles mosquitoes to breed was

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science of every nation to the need for attention to mat

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way is a nice method of giving drugs to horses suffering with sore

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posed by the arsenious acid the oxide of silver precipitating with

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Later in history 1725 Boerhaave and Albinus repubUshed in

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nocturnal enuresis of children when due to B. coli and

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fishermen and by the recurring outhreaks of endemic neuritis at the Rich

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effusion within the tunica vaginalis. On the inferior aspect of the penis joM

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was applied this mechnicat support he has continued to

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limitations of practical hygiene. Taking the author s work as

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what therapeutic means are used yet efforts to cure

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ligaments and the absence of fulness in either the recto

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portant to remember that the laryngeal palsies may de

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ness and tingling in the feet and marked vaso motor

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plebeian stock were little calculated to throw eclat

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and lose the narrowness of their derivations or being used in an

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