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the work of two or more nurses is definite and distinct.
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days to elapse between the emergence of the adult from the pupa and
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When the enucleation is finished in such cases the uterus pre
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arrest the growth of that dread harvest on which our gains depend
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Palpation. The lack of expansion on the affected side is sometimes
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better than cure. We recommend nothing on theory but from prac
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bolized oil dressing completed the operation and the patient was
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for considerable periods. Strophantin is usually more evanes
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General Indications This is the great remedy for grief
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sequent glycogenolysis 2 through the formation of salts
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thalmus and the goitre remained. In connection with
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adeijuato provision of aids for the sick and wounded with
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oolour. It presented no unusual vascularity in fact I do not know
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lieved adds materially to the existing exhaustion and deUlity
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or by canal packet to reach the recognized leaders in medicine and
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mained for an extended series of laboratory experi
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exercise caution and should have close at hand alcohol
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metabolism there can be little doubt. The fact that the thyroid
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necessary nor wise to go now into such historical de
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no probable common ancestors amongst the now living forms
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nized are receiving a generous response to their appeals for
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Course. The course is chronic and accompanied by many
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pharynx. The question of feeding after an operation is im.por
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titis is of first rate importance. On the other hand an artificial
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the methods best adapted for controlling them. The author divides
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what treatment of the pedicle should be adopted by the condition of
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of this disease have at intervals come under their notice ever since
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eases in which the drug has been found most service
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formation of innumerable small fluid veins at the terminations of the
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Gastric Absobptiox. Whereas sensation is a function of the
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time I advise all practitioners to call themselves Doctors il
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DeReueratious Necrosis Fri. Sir Arthur Keith Specimens and
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that Cesarean section is the best operation to per
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there is often a copious flow of saliva from the mouth mixed often
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was disclosed and in both groups typical granular diphtheria bacilli of high
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retary of the section on otology at the lirst Pan American
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one hundred and fifty five had decided syphilitic antecedents a
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