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roads which use coal instead of electricity are great
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palate etc.. From the facial artery or from the descending
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place of arsenious acid in chronic skin diseases. The
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excess of iron in the urine require further confirmation before being
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its accuracy is not sufficient for purposes of firm
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says this case is beyond all question as the Imperial Academy of St.
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School upon its students under the group system are
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smokers. Other authorities give similar statistics
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long since pointed out simple fractures unite by difi itionof
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also partly depend upon disturbance of the coeliac plexus and
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tion. It takes place not only in the kidneys but usually affects the
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perience of the clinical phenomena of fibroma from the pen of
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through and section of the thick lumbar muscles is I
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On March 13 Dr. Mallannah found the patient extremely
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is naturally perhaps prejudiced somewhat in favour of the
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proximately circular and measures 6i cm. is situated on the
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watched by a physician to whom you should go four times a year.
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fleshy tuberculous root with many tubers which resemble the claws of
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affections of the blood veaaol wo have do hcsitatjoa in eaj ittg
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when added to it caustic potassa a bluish green precipitate but if added
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and intubation and showed how the introduction ot the latter
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ger and acquaintance to man and woman enemy and friend
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combine to create procidentia is of much greater value.
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the lime content is usually higher in well water. Feed a tablespoonful
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diseases transfusion has been found to be the only logical method
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the liver such as intemperance exposure etc. in hot climates will predispose
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necessary before conclusions can be drawn from these
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empty stomach than on a full stomach when in a liquid state
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Hepatic Arteries for Control of Biopsy Induced Hemobilia. JAMA 238
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erable by the microscope to fix the nature of the trouble. Fragments
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After two or three days a second fever paroxysm oocars. About thf
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about the size of small shot these increase in size till they
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From the preceding observations it will appear 1st that cholera has had
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existence had the blood and nerve systems not been disturbed
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Geotes . Mesmerism article from Blackwood s Magazine .
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mann remarks that in these cases the large intestine is
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house. One of these privies has been assigned to each dwelling and the
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pulmonary artery. That this is obtained during artificial
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cally safe as there are not many chances that the dis
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that the uric acid output is only an indication of the amount
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and enlargement of the cervical glands is most marked.
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the wound might digest. In one remarkable case he tied the
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outward to the place of discharge. The longer the spark
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Naturally it is very often necessary to give at the
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ances of speech due to lingual cramps dependent on various
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arc informed express themselves as satisfied with local
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to enable the functions of life to be properly performed until about middle
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relations to and effects upon morbid pulmonary conditions
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cient work had been accomplished in the investigation of all vital
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their earnest desire to carry out their own extreme views
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sometimes experience precipitation while in others solution will take
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other cases the spleen is enlarged unevenly swollen and indu
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inclined to think that if u t P ou. Lut Saint Cyr is
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two cities in Great Britain in most immediate communication with Ireland
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Faculty physics chemistry and perhaps an elementary knowledge of
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the exact limits of necessity toward the patient and who has not