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especially written by him as a dentist for dentistry.

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mouth jaws. The cord is simply crushed from the outside.

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treatment. It has been the rare privilege of this generation to

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age. Tliey have not yet begun 1x understand the meaning of the

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turers were used the whole amount being approximately

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the experiment was tried of adapting camels to the wants ci

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to point out that the special forms now imposed will

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organ of Corti consists of outer hair cells and cyl

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is improbable yet possible isolation of the patient is a valuable

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children by a white father might be born black. Some people

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were carried on stretchers into two nearby primitive huts. The en

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lence. Cultures have shown the presence of from 450

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duce Fehling s solution with the aid of heat and am

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value of these agents in certain deep lesions of the eye.

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cases due to more serious and unusual causes necessarily

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frolic as in science John under the title of Jack Hunter took

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Dr. Cranston Low in replying to Dr. Barber s question

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subjects with which their names are already familiarly associ

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transverse processes of the lumbar vertebrae. Any part of the

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Professor Rontgen himself when told of the proportions and

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was perfectly aware that the acuteness of the operative furor had swept

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of the director to superintend and controul the busi

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in one way or another adopted. But the other view which gives to

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The experiments described above were done in the lalwratory

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any fits now except early in the morning. At first he

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and dressings are on no account touched by the hands. Everything

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apparently about 30 per cent of the so called cases of

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and in the segments corresponding to the two uppermost

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opeu ends or the closed sides of the cube. During sterili

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are past the favorable time for operation when they

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constipation and insomnia the prolonged tepid bath is

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Taylor had asserted a few years ago that typhoid fever

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contains little depressions holding the papilla from which the horn is

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of recurring chills and sweats by its lower temperature by absence of

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is well known in America as being the first surgeon in

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more than one and if the latter the fluid may be pressed

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operator. Such was the story of brain tumors in the eighties.

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this muscle pulls in the ribs at the point at which

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viously held have given place to more rational conceptions and the basis

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horses lame. Furthermore spavin very rarely interferes with the action

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The results of Mr. Nunn s observations as to whether the right or

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the hypothesis that his cases belonged to the epidemic meningitis group

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mission of certain malformations which affect either single

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personal element of error in the domain of therapeutics

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with medical subjects are a paper read before the Indian section

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than the end of the thumb which was encysted. This patient

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having retrograde motion. Instead of finding the same point or

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nasal length the latter being equal to 100. The index is

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Seidlitz powder every morning. When the acne pustules

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would be to cause vaso motor collapse and the diarrhoea which was

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arteries and at the same time we may feel a vibration. The

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As an affirmation three cases are published which had been

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causing a hemorrhagic infarction which shows that the

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surely you do not want to go to heaven with whiskey

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any subject. He was very popular with the younger members who