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PATHOLOGICAL ANATOMY. The lungs present no change especially

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sodium bromid is taken for the relief of ovarian neuralgia or

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sists in the absence of the tail. An acaudia fox terrier bitch

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has not been stationary she has not been behind others in the march

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being evidently sclerosed and the stream needing firm pressure to be cut

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performance of tracheotomy. The respirations three quarters of an hour

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virtue of its astringent qualities tonicity to the organs.

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must not only interfere with gaseous exchange but as will be emphasized in

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item temporaiy relief will follow the coming of normal condi

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him how many of the greatest truths have come out of apparently small

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c. Diagnosis. 1 Microscopically by examination of a drop of

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Molasses or treacle is the mother liquor remaining after

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his father s estate of Affane. He served for six years

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edies are useful but after a pretty extensive trial both in

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and the old and with a consistency which throughout life attended

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more prominent than in the adult there is no colloid in the acini.

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and the like and it was for the Council of the Associa

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respiration was slow with very prolonged expiration.

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all. Fermentation of fluids seemed to be the dangerous condi

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COMPLICATIONS AND SE perature black vomit is more constant

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is the method of election in children under one year

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care. In reaching conclusions in ordinary cases he may properly rely

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of infection through the bites of mosquitoes was by

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and finger until k palpable stretching is produced.

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with the date of implantation. All were then incubated for 12

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one. Along it quantities of desquamating cells are seen some

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establish a sanitarium for the care of the consumptives of

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house which he has built or remodelled for himself so as to

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The anomaly was a simple coryza spurs deflection of

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You siurely see with the microscope of reason that the sen

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most cases not only do them no good but extort large

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may be detected even by the naked eye signs such as

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In the Pacific Medical and Surgical Journal for April

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thousands of members down to small village clubs with

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expected the pathological conditions with the exception of the

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hospitals and Lord Strathcona has supplied him with

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lower level of balance the organism sheds out a surplus of salt and

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Here a deep layer consisting of the synovial membrane infiltrated by

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longer legs. My notes state that A was slender thin

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castor oil was administered and late in the morning there was

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complete digestion both the leucocytes and the patient are in a

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fore the patient had violent and copious hemorrhage from the

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it is that the Laplander the Greenlander and the Samoyede subsist almost

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not seem to us that we could leave it until the next

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lations more easily i his is the moment for effecting puncture after

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and navy were in attendance including Brigadier General

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sometimes found in a state of inflammation and the intestinal

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Union thore have been numerous outbreaks more or less serious. Mr.

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which embodied everything of moment in the resolution

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practical courses of instruction given at the Maudsley

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V. jVurses. With reference t paragra 7 Circular 48 the policy outlined therein

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of ordinary antistreptococcus serum has not proved of

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one heallhv kidney is sufficient to support the function of urinary elimi

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the Civil war. Some were enlisted as privates and also line officers of

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work was reorganized as The Charity Organization Society in 1880 the

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in his treatment of disease the medicine man employs a

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