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Beconase Spray Do Nosa Cena

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the ordinary forceps does not enter into the application of the

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To the Editor: — I notice a communication In The Journal of

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tence of infection, but rather that it should be looked upon

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eaten ; 20 per cent, had lived on a general mixed diet —

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which may seem old and of comparatively little interest

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then a moveable fragment held in the front by the anterior

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senile stage occurs at about 4% months of fetal life, a period

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dried np very fast. Death took place two or three days later.

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crease In size of canal. Next day some motion ; Srd day. Involun-

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130 Treatment of Prolapsus Uteri. B. B. Montgomery.


non-essentials in the technique of aseptic surgery.

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the increase in revenue from that source shows that advertisers

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to 60.5 per cent... but since they are not disarticulations,

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I immunity, and gives cases which bear out his opinion. He

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he showed a picture of a ligament as seen six months after

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the' neck was further extendtd to within two inches of the

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and remarks that it often curts the chronic indurations and

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Florida : Jacksonville. April 20-27, 21 cases, 1 death.

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The catheter was allowed to remain in the uretor for six-

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tive and a legislative committee. The County Association rules

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fare plus $2 granted. The time limits too are unusually

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sign of importance is leucocytosis as an indication of periton-

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year, and 616 in 1898, the highest number reached. The largest

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Court of New York holds that it was reversible trror to in-

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and the wound closed in the ordinary way. The radial pulse

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no pain on pressure ; high temperature. Compressing bone re-

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expenses connected with the publication of our Joubnal. Many

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account of the rapidity and degree of recovery. The urine and

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Service at a meeting held at the Hotel Ryan, June 3, 1901.

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tuberculosis. Cousin*^ divides the cases into three

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as may receive the appointment by unanimous vote, and shall

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nipples anteriorly and shoulders posteriorly : retention of urine

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the same as in epilepsy: the limits between cortical and genuine