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the interlobular branches of the portal vein. In the intralobular veins

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successful operations with removal of growths from the cerebellum and cere

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spread infection. A few months ago we were called to see a case

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which regurgitation becomes certain as soon as the pressure of the

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portunity so to do the managers can at least relieve

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to hours followed by well protected heating compress

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night exemplifies this use of arsenic in a milder form.

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In his opening address Dr. Bevan Chairman of the Council on

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January Dr. Beck again has his magic lantern working.

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and official seal of such officer if he have a seal.

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priety in calling the perturbations of Uranus by which Neptune was

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Ulceration. When the caseation takes place rapidly or ulceration occurs

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lessor of Pathological Anatomy and Director of the In

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vaulted and the angle of the lower jaw more obtuse than

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that if the direct and immediate cause of the disease be a tumour

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most difficult to apply pressure gradually enough to prevent

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begins at the meatus and travels backwards and according to

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blood pressure was practically that of the first case. Ex

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Medical writers have divided the nightmare according to its

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Aluminum Hydroxide in the Treatment of Peptic Ulcer A Review of

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until It produces tranquility of the system and secures repose.

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The depressed portion of bone was found to be almost completely

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CONTRIBUTIONS. Original articles on any problems of practical

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and are eliminated in the urine as salicyluric and salicylic

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In the dog and cat the lachrymal nerve could be reached from the

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micro organism the Klebs Loffler bacillus diphtherice which must be

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acts more upon the large intestine the drastics and sa

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administration in history. To restrain health costs

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break down with cavity formation. Uterine fibroids are liable to necrotic

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floor. They were standing there watching me. I said nothing

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as does normal enamel it crumbles away under slight

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as well as into the intercellular tissue of dead plant and

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nutrition provided the motor power of the stomach remains sufficient

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It seems that theaa aoimala have the power of acute

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gout and of syphilis that has been attained of late years has also

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internal jugular vein at its inferior part near the

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Research along this line is however greatly to be desired.

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dollars. It is pretty much in medicine as in everything else we

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in hospital by male children and boys after litholapaxy was

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