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thorou ily into a uniform mass. A useful astringent in chronic
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soaked in alcohol would burn only until the alcohol was consumed. That
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author should gather his information from such biographic de
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processes of conviction in regard to other mental phenomena than
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air an excessive or an inadequate supply of food or other violation of
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should the law become a dead letter and no legislation
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Dr. Murrell has recently called attention to the use of jaborandi and
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no sexual orifice. The larva attaches itself to its vertebrate host grows
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The use of cocain appears to abolish pain sensation completely leaving touch
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It was thought that the best results are obtained by giving a
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habit of drinking a good deal of water. A case of ihis kind
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recognized leaders and were not altogether surprised to find lack of
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Poisonous doses of aconite caiu e jnuscular twitching
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the heart ooooequent upon fwtal eudoc amp rditis and myocarditis differ fton
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I oor Law medical officials whose salaries had been recently
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change of scene are subjected to some of the numerous ills
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the nutriment supply brought to the part increasing thj
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i with faire more earnestness and delight than a grown
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affections to use the atomizer or nasal times daily after thorough cleansing
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in their diameter from the inner surface of the periosteum. In
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the cow is an acute disease probably a septicemia. It is
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when this function is compromised. He also ascribes to this
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wiselv dropped the colloquial lecture style omitted
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more than another and the leformitv is often progressive. 1 have seen sexcral
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has been noted in addition that the urine of patients suffering with
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strument is greatly depressed the inner end of the shaft is
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lung pleura kidneys bones suprarenals spleen brain cervical glands
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in the order of their election shall in the absence or
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glands. In this report it is shown that these prepara
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mittee of the Association waited on the Lord President of the Privy
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cent by the use of sterilized milk and the deaths from enteritis reducedj
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anemia might be due to a hemolytic agent acting directly upon
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obtaining a better Knowledge of the Endemic Skin Diseases of
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In a considerable proportion of the cases of flatu
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it had tailed to cure many long standing cases. In the
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m ini testations wlijch accompany usually a neuras
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ance. In Italy the mano fica implies contempt or in
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number of students there being 335 in attendance. Berlin I
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be kept up for ten days and then the patient should
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kinds of food the relations of fowls to the digestive organs
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tion Copeland asserts that he takes five minutes from the
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concerned this feeling is effete and that the day is
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found to contain reference to the newest as well as to the
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tion the extension throughout great cities of the model which has been
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units to the cubic centimeter. Since these tests were
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all cases of such diseases immediately after their occurrence. That
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cannot form an idea of the occasional severity of pompholyx diutinus of