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aortic aneurism. Plugging of the cerebral artery may also arise from
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and by the followers of that school it is believed that all
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Oct 41, sub: Equip of Med Units for WD Pool of Task
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and local hyperidrosis, phenomena often well marked in
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This book contains a collection of Diet Lists for Al-
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THE PRACTICE OF SURGERY. Fourth American, from the last
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with respiration. The speech is a slow monotonous mumbling or is lost
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have on his clothing, and in two days he was able to make his visits to
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officers and ninety- nine men ; died abrc»ad, 40 officers and 2,041
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reversed, she would be equally condemned by the opinions
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influence of o|)ium. Tenderness over the al)domen so
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experience in pistol-ball wounds. The very positive
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has a very obvious relation to climate. The disease is vastly more frequent,
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and, that they satisfactorily prove, that this interesting subject
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1898 a.— Naturgeschichte der Trichine. [Read 28. Jan.] <26. Jahresb. . . .
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to the proper regulation of the diet and general attention
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ever acute, could trace out. The number of cases admitted into the London
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of hydrocele of four years' duration, and stated that the fluid which he
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the corresponding jiart of the alveolar process and
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is thus placed, the handle will be found to be close to the
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discomfort. Antitoxin of 750 units given to the non-immune produced an
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patients who are taking at the same time a mixture containing squills
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The continuous or uninterrupted suture sews up the wound
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loss of protein, or from the very beginning in the decrease of protein in
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formed, and it was found that the left uterine artery had been torn,
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Daily hot packs are given to the patient. This treatment
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cases the patients were operated on and the appendix was normal.
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Necrosis is death of bone. The dead portion, when thrown off
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alcohol is injurious by exciting the circulation and tending to produce a pie-
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better informed in the principles of modern sanitation,
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D. Cliuiciii and Gco'rraphictil Utlntions ; HcrciUtabi/ifi/. Iliir-
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ecuting these functions in respect of Yellow Eever ships.
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direct connection with the frequency of rickets at this
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cases after labor there was a single convulsion ; all recovered. Of two
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disagree. In Small'pox, Measles, Influenza, and Catar-
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deaux, 1894, XV, 63.— I^auger (F.) Beitrag zur noimalen
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Benzoic — By sublimation from benzoin or from coal
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this happens the projectile may be found lying on the dura, usually
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troops were much troubled with constipation, often requiring purgatives,
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work of hsematosis and the involuntary motion of the diaphragm,
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that there is any positive and reliable means of distinguish-
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at the same time, the nuclei disappear ; the cells are at length completely
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