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glycogenic functions of the liver in the large proportion of

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important to observe that during the whole course of the disease (nnks

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In cancerous disease such a consequence of the operation

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Thiemann, CME Services, Children's Hospital, 400 South

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to contribute any money until the affair is settled.

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year. Even in the midst of winter, such is the mildness of the

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with the intra-cardiac condition, and which is apparently of ephemeral

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We have received a copy of the above, and also, in a separate pam-

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total nitrogen exchange. As a rule we eat to satisfy the demands of the

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not support such a view. There may be an element of truth

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a certain amount of debility; the appetite and digestion are good, and there

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ficial respiration and the action of the heart. This increased loss was due to the cooling of

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portion falls in (the finger should feel round inside the ring to

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The Smallpox Quarantine in Toronto has been raised, and

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tions, but also to the observations of Braus, Mauriac, Lang,

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they should go to a board and be examined. I do sincerely

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will, without further trouble, throw open have liberty to pick their jxtekets; and

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course of baths, aided and reinforced by a course of the resisted

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technical and scientific prowess. However, our intimate

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The progress of the disease is very slow. Beginning only as a

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though the obstetric history of the mother suggested syphilis. Mr.

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small quantities of both kinds of meat. Beef extracts

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in that case was the perfectly bilateral character of the spasms, and this

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anxiety, lassitude, pain at the epigastrium, pains in the loins

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nor can they be regarded, in the present state of our knowledge, as the result of

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suffered by many myopic persons when using their eyes for near work, that •' a

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at the point of union was barely visible, there was no ocu-

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pounds in the Rabbit, Dog, Pig, and Man. Jour. Biol. Chem., 1910-1911, 8, 115.

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the matter should always be covered immediately ; the furrows should

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the slaughtering of sheep may be carried on without the

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ether. He quotes Unna as saying that condylomas should be

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pain and tumor are situated on a horizontal line connecting the two ante-

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tion of the pelvis, endangering her life during the

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with healthy gums, and also two bicuspid stumps, each situated in a