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population of the Presidency varies from 50,000 to 55,000."

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stomach and intestines, there still remain two important questions, which

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fever and its accompanying subjective symptoms. In sponging, the

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has been usually resorted to, but that this is not always necessary,

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pare pp. 65 and 66 for the author's further views upon the employ-

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recession of the oedema. Suitable articles of food are : potatoes, unsalted

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This finishes the discussion of the therapy of aortic aneurism, and

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thicker, with tendency to spread; color darker tan; medium much darker. In 72 hours

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first sight a very simple, as it is a very necessary matter, is

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from animals of most diverse species, but will not react with the serum or other pro-

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their heads as though drowsy. A few days before death they would either lean against

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is as follows: The place chosen is generally the fifth or even the sixth

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to be more narcotic than moderate ones, — that is, they produced

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tried subcutaneous injections of orthocresol, which he had some years

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paralysis of the velum, which was pendulous and immobile, and

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exclude secondary infection, or the possible effect of occlusion of

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was any evidence of defective nutrition of the cord, then strychnine

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the observations of Rosenow in cases of chronic endocarditis, in

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Both feet and legs should be scrubbed with soap and water, and the

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wifery, and several in other languages. Dr Jrlayfair's volume on

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fractional precipitation with (NH4)2S04 employed in making the

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dons, and produce contraction and deformity ; or it may lodge in

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field is neurasthenia, but it may be used in cardiac insufficiency instead

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the carbohydrates must be strictly limited in amount or temporarily

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question of the mode of resistance of animals to infection with

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power. (See Bail, anthrax bacillus, Tsuda, typhoid bacillus.)

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suffice to effect a permanent obliteration of the sac cavity. I there-

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200 c.c. of fresh tap water was added to Bottle A and 200 c.c. of the

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ligature, found entry into the circulation. Its death, twenty-one

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lapparently in a partially exhausted state. 4.6. — Stands, but is

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years. For some time back Mr Nasmyth has been in but feeble

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aged, on account of the danger to the heart and arteries in the latter,

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practical character. He also contributed various important articles

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constant, but three, one for each variable condition met with, are

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bring forward the method of Recamier will be of short duration,

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patients, is of three floors in height above a basement floor, and