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Sanscrit medical treatise, and one which may be regarded

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hand. * caenneb, H. B. 4 pj^le H. B. 5 -nan, H. • eac, H.

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spasm, causing capillary stasis and cyanosis. Waves of venous spasm have actually

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selected for this purpose. Inside the collodion bag was a 1 per cent

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of confluent small-pox. The only one he had ever seen so severe was fatal.

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2d. Is a citizen of this state who was admitted by any col«

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when withdrawn from the abdomen ; the second case was

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excitement, however indistinct or undirected by sound judgment these may be, plunge

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of two half crowns of an oval form ; on the fibula a small one ;

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cous membrane, in the kidneys, liver, and peritoneum during typhoid.

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clotted and fluid blood mingled with fecal matter. The