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those eases in which the temperature rose, the hemoptysis

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latitude are the following: Ascension, Parish of Orleans,

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ferent species of the ciliated infusoria. Their fertile eggs are,

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•» Herter, C. A. : .\ Study of lOxperimental Myelitis. Journal of Ner-

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James Ormiston Affleck. Edinburgh; William Dobbin, county Down;

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possibile maucanza della reazione di Widal in forme ac-

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(2) Amoebae are found in the contents and in the walls of the

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ing his own observations from the beginning of the century, to-

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reason, or, by causes wliieh, in a condition of health, would disturb the

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the cwcum ; it, however, did not answer, and was invariably

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use of opium, nicotism, sexual excesses, and other causes which tend to depi-ess

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this heading. Electricity was not spoken of at length, but

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nickel ; and that this, in doses of the seventh of a grain,

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operation — one case of the latter being treated by ex-

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that time the fracture would be so firm that to att3mpt it

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sis of cerebral localization, as Terrier states in the dedication

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1893^, xvii, 244-250. — Sechcyron (L.) Ectrodactylie

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ness, tonic spasm, followed by clonic, and then by coma. It is said that

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the fingers is not, and never can be, sufficient preparation

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that this state of things would not materially interfere with the chemical

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diagnosis can be made here as under other conditions (pericardial friction-rub,

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every other day, it is replied to him, that there is a

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lowered," and then proceeds to cite his case as an illus-

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ducts the writer gives a tonic of iron or nux vomica and quassia. New

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iron, or creasote. Again, other practitioners regard the use of strong

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transverse arch are especially liable to compress the trachea or left

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the discharge is indicative of the maturation of an ovum, and of its

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scant respect. In a letter which appears in a book recently published (Les

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f streptococcal infections, including the prophylaxis

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anatomical results as to the reposition of the head may be, the functional

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patient is evidently much more seriously ill. The deep reflexes are

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made the difference in attendance. Several counties

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regarding it as an admirable respiratory antiseptic, expec-

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There appears to be no tangible relation between hemolysin production

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inquiry from the general profession, gathering cases here

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tracing the trajet with his finger, it had passed into the peritoneal

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loss of appetite, excited sleep, and sometimes delirium. Vomiting is not

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operation — one case of the latter being treated by ex-

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hospital before the beginning of the rainy season. Corrigedor is much

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