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sections through the temporal bone the cells composing the

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twelve were taken ill within the succeeding few days with symptoms

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nancy two cases of aortic regurgitation without insufficiency

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We have in our series 21 cases of carcinoma which may be

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Physiology. This is the science which deals with the

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builds its nest the spider spins its web and so forth. Some amount

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researches of 41 cases in which no clinical symptoms had

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indication of disease. Diplopia with no visible impairment of the ocular

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ing the intestines they can be distinguished as inflated sinuous cylin

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had cleared and reinfection was hardly to be feared.

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erful depressant of vital power and it is the experience of the

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condition being due to structural changes in choroid and retina. Ophthal

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Jefferson Medical College Philadelphia. Sixth edition greatly

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conveys all the blood from the anterior half of the body supplied

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exception of violent exercise he was allowed practi

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operation by negative radiographic plates of the stomach and the

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Beatjk Julius. Systematiscbes Lebrbucb der Balneotberapie

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foods for the average person. Buckwheat fish salmon oysters straw

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in southern Indiana and was known by a number of popular names as

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venesection at any rate as a preliminary measure. It is not apparent how

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statement that called forth this elucidation And lastly none of these

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menced practice. The family asked me if I thought it possible anything