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could be discovered indicating the presence of intestine

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in water and alcohol and being equally efficacious is employed.

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Exact experimental work on the semicircular canals began with

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else except malignancy although later developments show that the

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shows what methods are employed when the object overlooked is

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tinence of urine quantitative and qualitative elec

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was able to do without tliem. 2 Case not yet treated.

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governing for Heaven s sake do not learn of us men only our

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otherwise possible loss of substance. After this preparatory

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has enabled the inanagSrs to provide adequately for the

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ferent times this will occur when several foci of pus

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serotherapy. The patient improved owing to their soft consistency and

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sudor i pa vrnifi lachrymal and mammary glands kiduoys

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corresponding increase of the bile sulphur in his feeding ex

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formed by the lower end having a long mesocolon allowing.

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confine his attention to the anaesthetic make it his business to inform

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most important item to control is quantity. Next are fats and greases

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wild absurdity. This old axiom being a sophism which

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ascending colon or the cscum which contains the gate of

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emulsion no separation of the Oil takes place on standing and

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anesthetic upon whom we can implicitly rely then leave the administration

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At the great public counter with one hand behind him

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lated reflexly through other sensory paths. The idea of

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there is an entry in 1807 of Yeo and Burroughs Apothecaries Granby

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forms soap. Several metallic oxides and various salts which easily


capital stock of 25 000 by Dr. Richard M. Fletcher

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year that is only a little more than a year from the beginning.

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some pain continues from the uterine contractions but it has been noted

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with TJie Family Encyclopaedia of Medicine and movecl

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eer a Basque from the Pyrenees an illiterate Irish

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held respectively by 115 39 and 10 practitioners. During the

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wire should then be tucked into the sac and left there.

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This of course includes secondary hemorrhage. In just what

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too little the caufe arifes from the deficient or exuberant quantity of

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A study of pigmented moles excised from five other in

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R. Wallace Henryi has put on record another case of this in a

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neglected secondary symptoms are very apt to occur. I treated him with

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externally all the regions appear to be anonmlous and the sSetn

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Laennec. He believed that the air drawn into the lung in inspiration

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logical action as the active principle of the suprarenal gland.

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it will be well nigh impossible to differentiate between them.

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importance of establishing an eight hour day the importance

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teriologically and refrained from all treatment while

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tiei ollis fidei prlviley a coinitla dr. Cum instritmentis publicis lt

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virulence of the invading organism or organisms that the disease influenza in

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Under that arrangement there would be less lilielihood of

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In ruminants as in all other animals pulmonary aspergillosis

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aorta or neighboring organs. The gtimma of the aortic wall had soft

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Upon vessels that are dilated from inflammation however it has little or

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never the primary tuberculous lesion. Elsewhere at a

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knuckles and other joints. Such women do not flush readily or deeply

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that the arrangements he describes apply to an army

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Committee hrst. In some instances the inquiries were

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were found filled with a whitish purulent looking mucus with only

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first time within twelve hours of death. According to Pirquet a

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not isolate their children when scarlatina or diphtheria

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quence of the war many of the hospitals are at present

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Seedorf has carried out an elaborate research in the problem of iodine

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the Cape Verde Islands on the 10th of April and Reunion in the

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et esclaves de leurs passions cela s appelle maladie mTitee.