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to be between tlfc two. Silver was probably

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Sanatori as a means for the prophylaxis and treatment of tuberculosis j.

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of some observers benefit has followed chiefly in the early stages of the

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vomiting especially if commencing early in the illness is in favor of

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starvation debility partially ripened poisonous seeds paralyzing fungi or

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Ticks are the means of transmitting Texas fever to cattle Boo

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about by the disturbed physiology of the period. I would not burden this

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into the needle and passed under Poupart s ligament and

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ils veulu en faire le caract re d un etat pathologique particulier.

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obscure anastomosing the secondary veins and reticulations nearly as prominent

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I. Physical examination of the chest. The examination of the

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menced about the same situation and extended rapidly up the thigh as far

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and all general hygienic measures are of course excellent.

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meningitis is a common complication of ictero lieraorrhagic spirochetosis.

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may be due to in.sufticient appreciation of what constitutes

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case of salvarsau treatment an element of uncertainty is

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conservation of child life. The infant blindness law for the prevention

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ment of bronchial or tracheal glands retropharyngeal

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assuming that conduction is slower in the fibrillating auricle than

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disease and cannot be performed when the pylorus is

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Sig. Five to ten drops in water for an infant of six

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Under normal conditions the heart is subject to both active

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ation was 43 000. Differential count Polynuclear. 58

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Official Papers relating to Operations performed by ordtr

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most cases should be used as an adjunct. The combination of surgery

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readily obstructed by lateral pressure or by internal swelling by secre

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ing anesthetized. The dilation of the fistula necessary to in

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under ground until the next spring when the leaves rise upon a stem

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Student No she was entirely free from pain and has had none

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The patient is jilaced in a comfortable arnu hair with a bucket between

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does to human anatomy it thus gives less chance for confusion

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was a prominent feature of the disease. The oedema when present in

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illustrating the breadth of the authors reading or with numerous cases

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physician M. Cras the author remarked that both he and M. Cras

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by anaerobic as well as aerobic methods were negative.

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Bile passages contributions to the surgery of especially of 1 1n

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tious. It lasts two to four weeks and then spontaneously clears up.

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unquestionably fond of Jenner had for him a personal liking a

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directly as we increase tlie acidity of the gastric juice by

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charge of conservative pelvic surgery and a greater

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upon as possible irritants of the bronchial mucous membrane and

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constitution and his years. His long and frequent exposure to the small

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If the bodies instead of attracting repel each other this contin

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As such convulsions frequently arise from causes which affect digestion

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intrusions into Europe a blending of these types has transformed them

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respiratory silence are the features and the purely congestive in which

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was thrown up into relief isolated and objectivised as it had never

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