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skin around the umbilicus and is constituted by two superposed layers

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The world has recently passed through or is now passing

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and one half years. A girl of eighteen seduced her brother

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cases a diarrhoeal watery stool. Attacks following this general

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Under this head are comprised incised punctured and lacerated

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comprising all the i first labors we had in the time while within

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the successful cases of Bull of New York was not used


maternal circulation through the inter villous spaces fails gradually fresh

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precocity the adrenal cortex has been shown to be hypertrophied

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many years very intemperate. For some months he had

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about sixty per cent of the organic matters in suspen

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quality of German Doch jetzt hat die Jagerin Artemis die goldspindlige kundige

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o eniculate bodv is more concerned with macular disturbances

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ot an average dose of 40 mg. ot radium tor twenty four

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coal. By far the larger quantity is expectorated as is obvious by the

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ability as the Chairman of their Eepreseutative Meetings

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tures of streptococci. Cultures from organs show in places

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tis or sclerosis exists in particular portions of the cord that the

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understand its use thoroughly and are skilled in its

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ishment of the skin of the nose causes the skin glands to

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lence raised by animal passage while some strains apparently possess little

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converted into a scar. To break up the scar tissue is

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on account of the probability that the disturbances created in the

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tlie comparative safety of the operative procedure of abdominal section

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for the enlisted men s infirmaries. It is situated between the main

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to my article in the Transactions of the. ssociation of American

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layer of bone of the mastoid process. This flap is folded back

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All reports agree that typical cases of typhoid are

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of the phrenic nerve. The referred pains in the neck and abdomen

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no perforation of the septum the air passages were free the area

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These cases are not common but I have twice had opijortunity of studying

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what remains sets iodine free from the potassium iodide

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States. Wherefore the said stewards shall keep sep

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extracts to syphilitic sera of weak reacting power. Such sera

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then die from asthenia alone. Some cases prove fatal in five or

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Dr. Gregory explained why he could not see the object

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Schaffer s Method. This method which is one of the sim

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uine reinileepe imbecillityof thelegges a hoarfe and

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came medicated. Long before Goadby brought to our at

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mating to the true cholera type the matters yomited or passed by

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This girl had graduated from my practice and I was called back in

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the subject of criticisms. Eventually tbe matter was

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Sometimes the shape of the organ is not notably changed

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until they begin to ruminate chew the cud hence laxatives are first called

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meningitis is a common complication of ictero lieraorrhagic spirochetosis.

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samie author are the words An epidemic during this year

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used for medical purposes. Thus there were chalybeate springs at Hamp

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Allied Hospitals pointed out that it was not always

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There are various ways in which therapeutics and it is here

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and preparing it for growth in the mosquito I have not allowed

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Fuchs of Vienna f 3 has seen an instance of enophthalmus

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proved at the American Medical Association by the sec

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establishment. If these suggestions are followed out

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sire was Alexander s Norman and her dam was a daughter of the

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Chronic constipation may cause headache and when it

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responding to the interlobular new growth. Microscopically great increase

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turbinates are enlarged and slightly polypoid. There is a septal

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actinic an army surtEPuns at the Turner s Lane Ho ta

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we find that the cellular tissue in various parts of the body la

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sisted on starvation diet and been in constant pain

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the same color protein reactions as that of the rat. All of

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creted by the kidneys and lungs. Its diuretic inMuence has

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solved upon the basis of internal evidence if only one attacks them

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pressure had only fallen to 180 mm. She passsed 41 ounces of urine

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richness of the blood and lymph supply incident to preg

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recognized which heretofore were called hysterical and are even called

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marked wasting being in the muscles of the back loins and croup.

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so universally beneficial as atropine and it sooner

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she died suildenly. Tumors of this character are met

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Oct. 1 1836. Cancer of stomach not indicated by symp

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scarlatinoid rash has also been observed. The disturbance usujilly disap

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The appendix then continues to progress transversely across the

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There are however a moderate number of cases in which the morbid

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torian General of said organization who gave an outline

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products generated a multitude of bewildering eruptions

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Geological science will also play an important part in the de

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Disinfection apparatus manufacturers of versus vac

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baccate or dnipaceous sometimes nearly dry but the carpels adherent.

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defiant Gas which is pleasant and agreeable while being inhaled pro

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hence evident that the stomach even in that much distended

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swelling was more prevalent imtil I came to you and received your first

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The condition was diagnosed pleural effusion and was proved by

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on my wife with a very severe attack of typhoid fever. The shock

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postnatal thymus is a source of lymphocytes but does

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Society the heart and lungs of a girl aged 2S admitted to hospital

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cases. At Jolo in the Philippine Islands there were several hundred

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With regard to Dr..James Hamilton s criticism in the