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Recruitment of three senior physicians with major interests in critical

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far more frequent means of entrance of the bacillus than the

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section of the pneumogastric. As already noticed if the pneu

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sician of Alcala de Henares whose words in his third De

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and then grinds its way over with increased noise. If such a theory

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gology and Rhinology Post graduate Medical School Chi

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thing again if they would give him a new supply of Coca.

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A second effect of the pneumococcus intoxication has been demon

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numerous other evil results. Fatigue weakens the attention and

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above. A tar paper funnel containing grass or straw is placed in the

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I found some swelling of the walls of the auditory canal with

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streptococci but we could obtain no evidence that such persons played

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here last March with a history that when si.x months

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the test on the Snellen letters was shown to be considerably impaired.

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data will be held as strictly confidential and will be used solely to

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side painful and slightly enlarged. Dr. Cocks thinks

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been so abundant so absorbingly interesting that I frankly confess

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the treatment of gleet urethral stricture and recent enlargement of the

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was admitted into Dr. Halsted s service March 1st 1899

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quent occurrence. In the absence of any other adequate explanation it

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public attention to the economy of putting disabled

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All three cause a rise of blood pressure due to constriction of the

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alumina carbon and iron and is thoroughly mixed therewith by

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Dr. Craig Gentlemen we will have the reading of the Secretary s

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tumors but attempt no explanation of this phenomenon.

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pmnted out the peraooal or e gt tiatic nature of p

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vessels before division between the ligatures. Almost

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venting the contents of the neck from developing lateral

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production. Treub s investigations resulted in his statement that

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once more ascendant and there began a new epoch the epoch

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community which are literally incalculable. They are not limited to

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index which records its position continuously upon a moving strip of

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by the Gram Weigert method. They are spherical gram

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ACO IBAT through almost countless generations with the tubercle bacillus

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the leuksemic patient is afforded by the absolute leucocyte

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gramme 151 grains butyrum cacaonis 3 grammes 46 grains.

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une belle lille avec laijuelle sa mere eutbien voulu me ma

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but he is terrified lest they should be broken. Of course

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in June 1907. At this time a small swelling had appeared below

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But for the watchfulness and activity of your Committee on Legisla

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dangerously high levels and the city at large would have prospered more.

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lular tissue in the grey matter of the cord. Mabille

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and a multiplicity of organisms in the various cases. The epidemic however

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this craving the organism undergoes a retrograde metamorphosis a

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minute for three weeks and two tobacco hearts which ran

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On the whole the year 18 19 ends with our poet unhappily. At

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The diet should be iluid and nutritious milk will generally be found to

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which had been joined by 130 recruits and application had

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haemoptysis cardiac disorder restlessness and insomnia. These must be

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as a special Christian Science problem and it only remains to

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Encina Gymnasium. The overcrowding and lack of room hampers our

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stages. If any observation of the results of the vac

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severely implicated as the intercostal muscles rarely escape completely

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based upon the insufficient technical ability with the method itself

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of lead chloride of iron tannin or alum also narcotics to relieve

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only therapeutic agent in my experience that has ever shown a deft

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which is so characteristic as to be almost pathognomonic. Where the

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alists in a parlor understand how to polish and mount their

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theless a proper explanation will come onl in the true line of

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tendency to faintness or giddiness points to impli