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Case of Colonel Townshend illustrating apparent death 280

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spread and very gross being especially concentrated at certain easily

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it him there is nothing grammatical to show us which of the two

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alysis of the lesser portion of the trifacial nerve

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are isodynamically convertible the fattening of stock from

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of the posterior horn that the pressor imjiulses travel for bilateral destruction

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excited by music others have impaired vision sometimes complete

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Tubercular deposit or pus now and then makes a way by the neck.

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DOT and dariog sometimes between the acts of digestion considerable

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these qualifications. There are few Pasteurs few Newtons few

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the shoulder sinks down and forward the arm is raised


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was a young woman suffering from psoriasis who took Fow

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Solanum tuberosum. The small immature tubers of the common

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called however that the normal impulse arising at the sino auricular node is

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height or toward the latter part of typhoid fever should

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the cfHitrary. it is often the hysician s honest opin

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As regards the Culicidae the author states that what he has to say

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action of the extensor proprius hallucis on its new

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lui seront deux souverains remcdes mais il ne fautpasqu elle

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produce infestation when ingested unencapsuled trichina

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them. We generally classify such people into conservatives

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back upon his theories and incontinently and voraciously

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the Snellen basis of letter formation thus not only avoiding any

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preceding mouth. As February is a shorter month than.Janu

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or the arytaeno epiglottidean fold subhyoid pharyngotomy after preliminary

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gun a description of Chattanooga and yet we feel that we have

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titudes of weaker minded persons who took hold of their half

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Polypoid fibrous and pendulous villous growths have been removed by

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in certain branches it is a curious fact that the study

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may permit chyle to repafs them downwards. In living animals

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Scurvy is an intractable and insidious disease which frequently

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the different articles which compofe the blood mull at lead be con

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October 1909. Report No. 8 on the Origin and Prevalence of

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sometimes they are not more numerous there than in the

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ond molars the corresponding lower teeth. The wisdom

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the land areas and the water areas disturbs the regular distribution of

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It is to the highest analysis that we owe the inscription of regular

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of chronic nephritis of some definite degree. From the purely

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sorry Sir Victor I rsley construes a sincere compliment of

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The patient looked rather emaciated and very anaemic the

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implicated in the process since the new tissue is made

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with a little mucilage of starch does not acquire a permanent blue

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may Ik Hushed from above downward by establishing a fistulous o ening

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All communicatUms for the Editor and all hooks for review

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an imperative necessity. Thisaffection differs from stut

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of the recent researches of Dr. Kinnaman Professor Thorndike

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suffer from it. In fact one of its names is straw mattress disease.

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American specialists and teachers under the general editorial charge of George M.

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apparently due directly to this treatment. This result

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Theoretically the volatile matter should be expelh l from a coal on the

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cerium were tried with no benefit. She was sustained

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consequences of such neglect. These are of course partly seen in

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sible. In early life and sometimes in the adult the balance of

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of the siege at Kut el Amara where as I described in the

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continued a saccharine substance is produced similar to the sugar ot

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sible for him such for instance as Constantinopolitanischer

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form or scarlatiniform oedema of the extremities and

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desirable to reduce general ethical principles to statutory

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Auditory Canals following Chronic Otorrhcea. Ibid.

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Insufficient supply of blood may be due to partial obstruction of an

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The probable length of existence of the malady and its likely cause

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pulverized drugs. Sugar of milk is frequently added on

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which is outside the Point da Mina the site of one of

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metabolism there can be little doubt. The fact that the thyroid

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with the teaching staff of my alma mater but I feel that never

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efficient measures cannot be complied with chalybeates bark and

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accidentally found post mortem when the children have died of other

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of the blood current is not by itself an efficient cause of thrombosis.

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through the triceps by a sudden violent contraction of this muscle and

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fhorter and lefs violent. The dofe of opium was increafed to one

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beneficial by lessening the arterio sclerosis. In the

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ligaments bounding the joint cavity also enclosing any ten

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tract infections caused by Serratia marcescens. One patient

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were black. 2 Another case was that of a black man who married

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ous ganglion cells and of their processes in the affected

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The fact that a stimulus am cause a muscle to relax at

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on the marsupialia and on the rodentia. A very valuable paper on

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organ is then no longer influenced by respiratory move

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This abforption of the new veffels and depofited fluids of inflamed

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