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whether he was prepared to allow a drawback to those hospitals

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Tr. Little need be said about the treatment of paralysis

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case of measles has disappeared how long is there danger of contagion

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artery at a time. I have assisted in the performance of this operation

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wards the great palpitating questions which concern the very

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Dr. Kirkpatrick of Halifax has returned from a visit to the New

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church I have known the shirtrsleeve of a patient stiff from

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reputation who makes an occasional sudden inspiratory

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The French Commission was struck by many examples which they

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local gangrene at this place. Very careful and sys

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be heard and there was no bluish discoloration at the

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guage so admirably clear which brings about for thought a veritable

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istration of large quantities to dogs. Experimental evideDC

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the circulation of air upward through this out take flue. Near the

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of the clan during which old comrades met and renewed acquaintance

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white troops for all causes was 900.54 per 1 000 as compared with

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the f G jt and mouth disease is regarded by Government authori

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Maj i mtc. in a water bath twelve hours exprrnn and filler.

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minimized the evils of the present system. He had always

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was found that any change that did occur could invariably be attrib

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most striking feature of the therapeutic renaissance into

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Iron should alway be prcMrilicd when any signs of antcmia or of

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appearance from the atypical paratyphoid bacilli. The authors consider the

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carry out certain experiments. He took two microscopic slides.

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that the quarantine reports regarding the plague show the average of

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T am able to furnish this week for reproduction in black

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thoroughly studied an inherited taint is found to be a very con

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collections of water formine swamps especially near Worthing about

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with polymorphonuclear leucocytes and other inflammatory cells. The vessels about the

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a nucleus was not necessary to any cell. We now have the final

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regularity partaking in this respect of the folie circulaire or the cir

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Within his own special province he has employed the

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into the joint cavity of essence of turpentine gives vary