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eye strain in any case requiring the rest cure treatment.

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gional surgery. Royal octavo of 1122 pages with 499 illus

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trils it occasions sneezing and a grain of it swallowed produces giddi

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causing multiple pressure effects which there is usually very little difficulty

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Distilled Vinegar is used for the same purposes as above and is the

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muscular connective tissues and produces vesicles and abscesses. In the

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crematory for the cremation of ijersons wlio die from smallpox

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they unconsciously testify to the truth of the principle by their fear to

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sides of the pelvis and its pelvic cures should corre

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their differences were but transitory. Sir John Collie came

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a gall bladder which is diseased enough to give sufficient symptoms

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participates to some extent in the inflammation but the formation of

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after dehydration. There was found to be practically no change

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