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ing the guinea-pig, hens and their eggs were utilized
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name you choose, as the Grand View Sanitarian, or The
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There was a resonant percussion note over it, and a curious
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bread made with sorgho {Hokus sorghum), rye, rice, or wheat,
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oxygen circulating through the nervous tissues, — in a word, less
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variety of the disease is based upon the size of the bronchial tubes affected.
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ducted with a fairness admitting of no rivalry and no question, let it
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and typhoid on their feet; therefore, as a protection against
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Cases and Deaths in various Confederate Hospitals 664-667
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One of the diagnostic symptoms of membranous laryngitis, believed
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make a nutritious soup for invalids), crocodile, toad, axolotl, mud-eel,
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protoplasm must necessarily be poisoned, and combined with
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of the xiphoid. But an even stronger argument is the fact
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quite comprehensive, including even cutaneous and venereal
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institution. The past career of ilr. Bartleet has been brilliant,
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hand at all. We would not, consequently, advise me-
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the facial nerve) and two sensory (the third and fourth right
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cerebrospinal fluids. The detailed accounts are accessible to all
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mechanical injury, though it is seldom that this is a cause.
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investigation or sanction by federal, state, and local
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should be a reality within a couple of months. If things go even reasonably
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are important, since they occur very often in convent girls
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sumed a sore and irritated appearance about the edge of the alse, and a
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Ushur Parsons, M. D., of Providence. For Honorary Degree,
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may invade a large part or even the whole of the surface.
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entirely rewritten to correspond to the latest discoveries. A
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largely a matter of inference, since there has been but small opportunity
physician for more than a year and that residents of
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202-204. Also: Arch. prov. de chir., Par., 1890, v. 111- ^
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Drs. Lyster and Fitzsimons, and Mr. White, of Kilkenny Dispen-
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stringy milk. Some of them appreciating the cause cleaned up their places,
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