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The study of much older stages shows however that the
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Kingston Assistant Examiner to the Examiner on Medicine Diseases of
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potassium dichromate. This is heated gently and passed through a
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be vomits and along with the vomiteil matter will come
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about the neck in primeval times to serve as an amu
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In conclusion we will add that the author has succeeded admir
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tion and relief of pain and tenderness before employing the brace
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I noted jmrticularly that the pain spread very gradually downwards from
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would recognize the condition without a clinical history.
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extended beyond the possibility of a return to normal. The
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men and mentions that reports in refraction will be sent
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Since then Mr. Lane has made a similar observation upon a girl
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He reports a case in which he injected sterile water alone. This
in after years the circumstance was mentioned the name of
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results of light treatment in tuberculosis rickets malaria etc. closely
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President of tile Scottish Temperance League which on
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the upper portion of the cheeks. The parts about to become purple assume
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often called into requisition Every patient must be put on an invigorat
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mass about the size of a small marble. This was subsessile.
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drained by means of a perineal cystotomy. In women drainage was
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to the erosions on the surface of the cartilage the
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and in the professions and the differentiation of a social psycho
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two fresh strips. No fever followed these operations
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pmnted out the peraooal or e gt tiatic nature of p
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would be considered to be a decided murmur and although
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ing deafness as it would be heard well by the sound ear.
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Ignatia in drop doses of the tincture for suppressed grief from any
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This was an increase of 229 over the preceding year.
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before long the principles of public health will be so
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has given catgut its wide range of utility especially
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forms. A rare form occurs in which the injection is present but almost
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yet strong and by free use of friction. These cases mostly with
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