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lecture hour and thus such theoretical instruction as was

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This obligation requires that he shall possess 1st reasonable skill

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trie and pancreatic juice are fecreted into the ftomach and inteftines

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there is a sausage shaped mass moving with the respiration and not

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from the operations performed on the surgical side of the

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and thiough the personal interest of Lord Milner and the

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putrid membranes or fluids. More particularly are they necessary

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the pulmonary veins no sugar is found. There is an exception

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patients in a primary stage before systemic disturbances en

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accumulation of mono sodium urate in the blood until soon

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gangrene varied greatly in different cases being sometimes limited to

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action of pilocarpin. Potassium io lt lide was often

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tongue loaded and the urine high colored and turbid. Remedy page 136.

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Fig. 2S Pattern of paper from which the tin is cut. The edges

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great care the slight shadows of incipient cases can be drowned

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the external ear passages and is associated with otitis interna.

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be compared on about one and the same SOcasesoutof the 1 000

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infantile paralysis. Is it right that these diseases undoubtedly of far

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tables of the cranium leaving the dura mater exposed to the extent

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people the world as full a time for them as four thousand

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forms. A rare form occurs in which the injection is present but almost

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patient alive at any cost may be highly objectionable in veterinary

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Requisitions for medical property unless emergency exists

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The Act also includes valuable provisions for research

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applied outside the anus and the buttocks are strapped together. The

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portion has the same tough liver like characteristics as in congenital

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the second class is afforded by a case tried at Cambridge before

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primitive methods of escaping difficulties. Hysterical paralysis or anaes

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of immune animals mixed with pneumococci the leukocytes lived

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no other scheme can offer such favourable terms to the

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owed him on the other side. It must be understood for

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nus three methods of treatment are before us viz. the

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The author s observations lead him to the following conclusions

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Cerebro meningeal haemorrhage in purpura is a very uncommon event.

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of their findings Single therapeutic doses of from 15 to 20 minims

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During the time the subjects were all at rest i. e.

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voice was restored. Similar instances have been recorded in man. Lichtenstein has

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frolic as in science John under the title of Jack Hunter took

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tive work on practical medicine that has ever been published and that this

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clusions were various pathological conditions which suggested the evolu

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regulate the practice of both physic and surgery and

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treatment. There was vertigo and great numbness with trem

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Le procto verbal de la demi re stance est lu et adopts

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tion of the patient is seen they are rapid or value

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How to Tell When a Mare is With Foal. The first thing that

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ical method of comparative study but for the purpose of the present

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cases of fissure of the anus and a case of the ulcer

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body is variable while skin and hair look unhealthy and fever gets high.

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distinct curative effect as regards the duration and severity of the disease.

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stances such SB lead sulphur cadmium and sometimes arsenic and zinc

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of expense and here again until the advent of Mr. Llovd

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most unremitting attention to sanitation would a camp of

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diseases and touch diseases. One hears now the follow

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course of the disease separate them sharply from true chorea.

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burn. Started with small vesicles which ran together forming a large

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element out of which the composite unity of Latin civilization was

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improved and the hypopyon had disappeared the exudate had

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where the fluid to be drained gravitates I have been pleased how

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If the bodies instead of attracting repel each other this contin

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In concluding these miscellaneous notes on somo insect f.ajjellates

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provoked doubtless by exposure of the body to cold in the treatment of

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as I have noticed these excessively twisted cords other gt vise healthy in

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which are most benefitted and very generally cured that

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seasonal occurrence their figures are not exactly in accord

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various improvements. As things now are all the tents

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There have been nine invasions of Europe in a little over 80 years.

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forth that a deficiency in calcium salts is responsible for any form

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form metastases and the rapid peripheral infiltration these tu

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former as being handier calling for less restraint of the animal and if

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ure time I think you have accomplished much particularly since you work

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