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Present illness In May. 1910 he complained of stiff

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Persians and Egyptians. Their greatest Arabic scholars and the

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nevertheless judged it to be insufficient to enable it to

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instead an intense local reaction. By suppression of the primary lesion by

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improvement in the material social and moral welfare of the

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reason for their popularity as remedies no particular reason can be

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VESICAL IRRITABILITY. From Vesica the urinary bladder.

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ally along the spinal nerves and the communicating rami.

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favourable point viz. the lower third of the jugular furrow cannot

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Fletcher should have received at least a small share of

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Patient gr g. 9 years driven to a baker s wagon. Had a

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deaths to its credit. It is unfortunate that people

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This snake has the power of flattening out its head and

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In other cases there may be a localised cavernous lymphangioma

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the last half of the circle the current shows the same de

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be a medical officer in command two assistant surgeons three

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there is more deposition than return of serous effusion which

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flbro cartilaginous tissue muscular tissue of animal life muscular tissue of organic

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which bad been submitted by the Council and proceeded to the

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capacity and training mark them as leaders in the subject. We

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meals hurriedly and hasten immediately to his work. This mode of living

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gestion has progressed far enough at once place the bottle

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trace of pulmonary structure could be seen except at the diaphragmatic

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Another cause that we will notice other than surgical

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ward until the aticnt is in a state of general anasarca. The breathing

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placed close to the intervertebral foramina liad burst and the

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and complete success. Should the contrary prove to be

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tions as possible. These we find in the Western and Eastern portions of

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and the ovoid. He finds the pentagonal far more frequent in

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logical department in the Hospital dispensary. Last winter he

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to say nothing of pack mules than the field hospital company.

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acted by promoting the action of all the excreting organs applying exter

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kinds of energy may therefore be carried through without any am

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sulphur also an i uue parable rolatile oil to which its dis

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the active principle of the thyreoid gland and found

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horse hair. Order of rapidity catgut hemp silk horse hair.