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sidered accurate diagnosis in diseases of the eye can be accom

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to Type I pneumococcus is of great value in the treat

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spreads peripherally and in the course of months or years

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quarters. The Morris at 717 Jones Street San Francisco which

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as dark as possible so that there may be no unnecessary reflections

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measures taken during plague epidemics were made considerably more strict whereby attention

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rhosis. Sometimes no etiologic factor can be determined.

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cient the points where a series of functions ceases to be uniformly

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anemia and pylephlebitis by nephritis and by poisons

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for sleeping rooms. Patients will be required to sleep in the court in

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wbich is used only when the eye would be exposed to too strong

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coloured spots only on the border of each segment each margin of the

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Fig. 5. Nerve ending with mitochondria and large vacuoles

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anaemia. Palpitation breathlessness on exertion giddiness and the like

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Veins illustrated by numerous cases M. Langenbeck observes that

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pearance of dialysable substances in the Abderhalden test by means of increas

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means should be taken to obtund the sensibility and

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the character of the exudations into the vitreous humor and moreover

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knew also were the most incompetent people I knew and thought there might

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of immediate shore pollution has always been given serious consideration. The

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sides of the calyx and to each other ovules usually two collateral

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times. The doctor laughs and says they are phantom tumors. That is

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months. The same is true of tuberculous infection of

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by the authors approximately as follows 1 The intracerebral inoculation

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tribution of renal disease he would quote from them. Ac

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inclement weather we asked in our bill that this be given to

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appointed by the Commissioners and only be removable

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nerve increasing weakness so that patient cannot leave his bed. Progress

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Bis. January to March 1917 xiv Nos. 157 159 reviews 1457 cases

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rior surface of tbe hard cataract without rupturing the hyaloid mem

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his matter progressively so as to show the growth of the various topics

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under the patella and over the intercondyloid depression

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ries about 3 per cent were infected with Spirillum ictero

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Xt is plain that upon the condition of these houses not only

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