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carefully given iristead of the author taking it for granted

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held in fine suspension. This is indicated by the fact that at this

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newly elected President Dr. Wilks was postponed until the meeting

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thicker portions giving origin to the nerves of the

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in pronouncing words. The menstrual periods had been somewhat

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opened and treated on the same lines as the single or tropical

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Stimson Joanna F 3342 North 13th Street Philadelphia Pa.

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custom to bring her into the close neighborhood of the house of

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propitiated by the adversary and that these have nullified

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he found typhoid bacilli in the blood out of 11 cases of typhoid

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ler it operates more to the side front or back What

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aggravated form. A remarkable case of symmetrical gangrene was

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in the right eye. After a fortnight the eye became injected general

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noted no changes in cells or fibers aside from large medullated

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internal organs by the naked eye but on microscopical examination of

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ing a more recent extension Are rAles present showing activity

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ing similar reactions. He admitted that bodies resembling cytoryctes could be

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tional that it cannot be regarded as proving that the two diseases

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Probably the most serious complication is the developement of a

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the renal jjelvis arc as beautifully moulded as ITyrtl s corrosion prepara

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of cases also to promote repair to relieve pain and sickness

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reported two cases and said that the proportion of intra

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Ramon y Cajal S. Sur les ganglions et plexus nerveux de I intestin.

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Mack the sickles very long upright little curved but carried over the

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briefly to infections of the tubes and the veins the

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Councils in the United Kingdom should include as members

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bowels which had hitherto been regular became consti

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devoted to a subject as well as gain better attention.

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the aorta. In aortitis the heart lay high as if to get

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feeling that some force has artificially brought about such a tendency in him.

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passes off when the patient inspires deeply through the nose. Coughing

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Detailed information as to the teaching arrangements oE

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tero lateral tract but the conclusion rests upon too small

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male nurses. The committee was fully resolved not to

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venu desert au prix de ce qu il etoit autrefois par le mauvais

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for the illustrations all of which have been prepared

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motor cortical area. The postcentral convolution may escape. It is proper

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In order to direct attention in a more practical manner to the points

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made the knife very safe iu his hands. The care he had

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in all cases that carry with them in the slightest degree the

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Fissures are the sine qua non of complete fractures. In gunshot

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an elective affinity between certain parts of the nervous system and each cf

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had been rery constipated for a week and the only moTcments

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connection with the investigation of the pollution of

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What a triumphant victory was here. Taking the name

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and general tonics and on both occasions disease was ar

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excitement which was followed by an attack of dyspnoea. The patient

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aiding those who help themselves subscribers to provident dispensaries

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ity and regards the habitual constipation of pregnancy as a pre

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three pairs ovary three celled many ovuled inferior.

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in their circulation but had their resistance kept high by proper feeding

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by some 1 have so recently been put to a severe but successful

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others comes to birth. The actor becomes an agent the observer

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de larves a peu pres ayant ete recueilhes dans un petit verre de

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such is of recent date it is descended from an idea so

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served. Occasionally this was only slight but. usu

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one of pronounced asphyxia with heart action..Vfter

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passed their stones in the hospital or are known to have passed them

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critus and the schools more directly connected with the

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average of 123 56 has five visiting and two resident

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laboratory aais ialSj gt gt 3aice8 ratSj guinea pigSj rabbits

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Toast. To make a most excellent toast for a reduced or con

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Duchenne attributed them to weakness of the gluteus medius. This

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face and carriage of authority a characteristic type

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changes can be noted. In acute cases usually the principal

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hand extensive adhesions have been found in cases which presented no

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Preparation. Take of Rock Salt three ounces Sulphate of Zinc one