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other established requirements. A legislature may make laws re

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The conditions which control the selection of the anesthetic are both

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paratively little trouble. The peritoneal cavity was

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Hosi ital a war memorial to Guy s men who died in the

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Could one tabulate a sufficient amount of accurate data in this

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conditions which do not come under consideration when speak

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man wherever he is insures his morning cold bath and undoubtedly

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Lake Lanao Camp Keithley 150 631 Clemens February July 1906. Palmas

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rate from the disease. Yellow fever has been the scourge of the

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be held on Monday October 28th at the board of trade

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inoie compound. But all the advantages arifing from this

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Oct. 1 1836. Cancer of stomach not indicated by symp

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tuberculosis. After the formation of nodular tubercles however

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station let us consider the report briefly. From this

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wrong direction. We may determine the symptoms as due to pyemia

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In recent cases of lobar pneumonia the areas of hepatisation are

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afternoon have developed this difficuHy if tiny have developed

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and the secretion of urine became re established. It is

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ovarian tumor and ascites tbe difference beconiea at once apparent.

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urine normally through the penis and so far as urin

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variable but that the extremes are widely separated and the

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high grade Short Horns at ages and prices given below

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geneous hyaline tissue within the muscular coat. This tissue contains hut

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Scaliger quo sic in memoriam Christi baptismatis Kalendis Febr.

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ago the ureter from the remaining kidney contracted at in

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majority proving fatal. Abortion or premature labour almost inevitably

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it from side to side with a large stout curved needle

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the sweat poured out in more than its usual volume. The

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The symptoms may begin with some itching or pricking sensations in

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uric acid and possibly the formation of calculus. Excessive

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indorsed by othei s of equal eminence in the profession who were

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clinical pathology and bacteriology cardiographj forensic

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of interstitial nophritiri and perinephritis associated with

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showed a characteristic growth small isolated colonies from J to

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trity which however should not be prolonged. Large atony

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necessarily historical expression of divinity as uttering itself through

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muscle is resected and bleeding points secured. This resection extends

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pation. Mistakes however are possible in this connection. An

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children. In club foot it is still slower. If the whole

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still more rarely they may enter the brain larynx and

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than in the suture cases this is due to the fact that in

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and veined with purple. Petals erect varying in shape from spathulate

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ditions at a particular age in a particular state of health. The

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tp the vigour of his eloquence his commanding manner

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boiling water. A muslin bandage well sprinkled with