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monopuphs on the leproeoria and other hospitals in the Middle Ages bio

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ference with the underlying dressing and the affected area.

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rarely lasted more than 3 hours. The pulse rate and

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fections of the Nose and Neighboring Cavities. Four

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treated by external agencies tend to increased pain and stiffness if

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cago once more. He arrived here at 11 o clock Monday night

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tendants renders it inferior to isolation in separate buildings when that is

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the public. He complained that the medical student so amusingly portrayed

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lines without undergoing quarantine examination no bag

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circumcision and removal of adenoids v. ere performed at

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little later when dark coloured urine was passed. Horses of all breeds

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mouse which had ingested 100 beetles was killed and dissected

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having very acute attacks exhibit the phenomena strikingly yet

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leges 54 German University o.S Colleges 20 Arithmetic Uni

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tlie breed may be there is usually constitutional debility present due

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weeks and even months for the connoiseur to satisfy his pleasures

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subsequent cerebral symptoms pointed toward an abscess in the brain. There

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lary thromboses or of the sinuses tlio formation of ulceration in the

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Traumatic bronchial hemorrhage is rarely seen because of the pro

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ashes. Subjected to distillation in a retort furnished with a tubulated

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late years S. has abandoned the practice of a preliminary exploratory excision

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ch will almost invariably extend the operation beyon lt

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absurdity of the claims put forward on behalf of quack

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No marked improvement in the health of the American troops

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five pounds in weight and is passing bile with the faeces.

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National Service commenced as from midnight October 31 1917.

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reversed in the last half century. The female rate was higher in the

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have. inspectors examine their toys and picture books

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similar remedies and that it is a safe and reliable tonic and

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were any definite changes they were masked by the diffuse stimu

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this dependence upon public favor makes the hospitals

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and in the segments corresponding to the two uppermost

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medical superintendent s report stated that at the commencement of

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The following key includes the named species of Schellolepis at present known

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animate nature the phenomena of disease and degeneration ap

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other histories and comments which will call for our attention. The

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lantry to a Fernandian Queen. The Solemnity of Mairiagee.

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deterioration of age has always been called second childhood. We are

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A certain danger attends inoculating cattle with tubercle

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has a perennial and branched root with an upright herbaceous much

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with testicular and renal cytotoxines respectively.

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arm labor following ten hours afterward with recovery. KeenJ reports the

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been mentioned in a number of instances. I may add that athero

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tionally before the seventh day. According to Hawkins 1 it takes place

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softening and separation of the horn of the sole and by progressive

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Van Slyke and Cullen have slightly modified the method which they illus

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it appears that during the year 9 913 individuals had been treated by

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pertrichosis localis as when confined to some small area

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trenchant terms which certainly however only expressed in plain lan

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logical and serological laboratory. This should have facilities for

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maintained there should be 10 129 white cells there are 13 850

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in as short a time as possible the following measures in

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and may be given with much benefit in hemorrhoids and prolapsus ani

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we may detect slight changes in the caliber and shape of the vessel

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address in surgery was delivered by Dr. J. Itutherford

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agents. I will use the word that the theologian often uses when

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safe and of better keeping quality than the raw product. The clari

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I would in conclusion respectfully suggest to Dr. Aveling the

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ure upward upon the ulna brings the surfaces in contact

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on practical experimental and chemical physiology and

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mains scanty. Incomjolete paralysis is sometimes produced and various

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some future period running short. We have already stated on the authority of

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meningococci on one examination on the next only a few scattered

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business necessities that attach to the modern phar

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These twocavities are single only for a brief period the ventricular

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De Vries does not deny that variation produces what may appear

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was continuous with excerbations. There was no history