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oolour. It presented no unusual vascularity in fact I do not know

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delicate person who has spent the winter months in the warm South

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the douche in the hands of the patient until its use

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Thursday and Friday but up to this time their nature has not been

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Pneumonia is generally endemicj though it may become epidemic. Fre

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Le Eoy Alphonse Enquiries on the Section of the Symphysis of

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the middle ear and the poultice is one of the liest

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for it is quite as likely that leaves are transformed sporophylls as

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any reliable or complete history of that period in the

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case or are sufficiently constant to warrant their ac

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very highly of it and would strongly recommend persons interested in

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Breathing exercises are very important. They may be

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their use be considerable the diagnosis is made a great deal more certain.

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pharmacopoeia descriptions of the actual processes em

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cavity a capsular ligament extending from the margins of the

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though slight may be visible early. There may be more

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nal sanitary and hygienic protection which they ought to have and

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first authorized the employment of public health nurses

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these the attitude of the student must be completely

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Diez as one may conclude from his writings and as he appeared to

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socotrine aloes in powder two ounces hard soap in powder one

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tric epithelial corpuscles but they are often mistaken for

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grammes for five hours after that every hour for three to seven

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Frequent urination but passing of small amounts. Blood stained

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fissure or part of it within the segment of a circle completely

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Tliese cases haunt the hospitals for months and years and o ie

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in the church showed marked effects of weathering. Although fairly compact

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established the Fund fouryears ago. The Prince of Wales who

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equal distinctness through lenses which over correct the myopia great care

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and be unconnected with either the wire beneath the iron or the battery.

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and comprise headache delirium convulsions restlessness and insomnia.

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times succeeded in clearing the tube on the other side and

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their existence. The constant unconscious excitation of the

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Sidneys sometimes results in a median flattened renal