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also the localities where they may be found to the next annual
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therapeutic measure followed by improvement is worth noting.
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Belladonna if desired. In painfid chronic tumors neuralgia etc.
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shocked to bear operation and an operator incapable of
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focus of infection has been eradicated. When all the methods of vesical
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developed a right sided hemiplegia. There were no violent con
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Luzon Province of Benguet Mount Tonglon F or. Bur. Jf966 JjOlO Curran
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The training school staff consisted of Miss Harriet F. MacArthur
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both upper arms middle third. Openings surrounded by area of redness and
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number of cases of secondary haemorrhage had occurred.
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pressure the effect of venesection low diet purgatives.
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Isidorus Hispal. Myst ExposiL Sacrmn seu Quaest. in
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with them and was driven about several streets in the city for an
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your attention but the inuendoes of Dr. Y. must be ex
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passage of the mixture of bismuth and food in any constant
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impoflible to cure a confirmed lues without a fali
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they be heard or that a provisoe may be inserted that
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rapidly fatal there is continuous high temperature. The pulse is firm
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pride ourselves on the general recognition that there exist certain
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alive it will live long enough for baptism after removal from
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tinue to take the remedy Antikamnia Tablets of which you speak and
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the mind delights in such paradoxical phrases as there can be
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nervous fever and sometimes as common continued fever. It also beuis
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said to bear it badly. A combination of Iron with Arsenic is one
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Tbansaotionb or ths Am kbican Phtsioians. Tenth Session hold at Wash
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We find in agreement with Paulesco that a state of apitui
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item temporaiy relief will follow the coming of normal condi
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Hirschberg of Berlin operates in the majority of his cases with
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the phrenic straight from the all important respiratory centre makes its
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the fingers of the examining hands again elicited winc
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color externally the capsule being smooth and tense the notches distinct and the
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valescence from it. One such instance occurs to me now. A young
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development of hair and changes in the sebaceous and sweat
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for the production of the nmnioniacal gas but by the addition of on
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carry out certain experiments. He took two microscopic slides.
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and such hearing of. such Member or Fellow as under the circumstances
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IS When one hears of the hundi eds of English Irish and
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half a drncbm of concentrated muriatic acid to six ounoea of nucfr
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little said on histological pathology and practically no
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enced in keeping the corps filled to this limit in fact the applications
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a council of representatives from the different universities has
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section myomatous tumors as a rule show a very poor vascular
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retically it appears corri ct to give salines in coiu cntraled form which
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boasted intelligence like the silly creature which feels itself
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ing to British medicine which we in this country duly
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torily and proportionate to heart hypertrophy may arise chest
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izes the general population to such an extent that the outbreaks
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In treating certain lesions such as those of tuber
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ment of Dakota about June 20. 1887 and he is granted leave of
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covered with woods were swept away and not a vestige of
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syphilitics. Erb estimated that 12 per cent of the population of Berlin
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arterial contraction then dilatation slowness of circulation stasis thrombosis
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Finally Dr. Flocken Greiner and his two assistants were arrested when the
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steps must be taken as far as possible to arrest or control
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more susceptible to the disease. Accordingly he had adopt
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interstitial thickening of the cervical sympathetic especially in the upper and lower
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and 6 residential schools for epileptic children. In Wales
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characteristic of the resident in hot climates. 1 Very
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were Tound to contain pus in which gonococci were abundantly present.
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have produced transient cardiac conditions analogous to those caused by coro
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