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Selbstverstandlich kann ein hochstehendes Zwerchfell auch bei Indi

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with in Malaya. The highest number of worms expelled from

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directed my course of scientific exploration at the beginning of my

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Student Before any laboratory tests were made it was thought

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way in which each of these drugs increases tissue waste is

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later. The extensive haemorrhage might have given rise to a suspicion of

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The difficult cases of feeding which are suffering from indiscreet

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by Miss Mertice C. Buck vocational instructor of the

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ing extinct the old family physician. These qualifications were largely

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they are present at times and absent at other times.

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Chickenpox 6 cases no deaths typhoid fever 69 cases

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partment of the L niversity of Pennsylvania. Series edited

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counts of the disease. Between 1824 and 1828 it was prevalent at intervals

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modification that the amount of uric acid was not determined

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The subject of fatigue is one which needs more thor

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of the pneumococcus in the blood makes the prognosis

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found to be malignant. This is a larger hguie than iu the

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as possible avoiding all that is unnecessarily tech

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Remarks. If the foregoing is studied well it will pay by helping to

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with a little mucilage of starch does not acquire a permanent blue

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specific fevers. Between the ages of twelve and fifteen he had several mild

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ftrain the Teaculardislension is distributed more or less evenly through

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plates and films taken with all of the interpretations made are kept

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ing is allowed to be done hastily. Schooled to caution by the

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cerebral symptoms convulsions pure epilepsy hemiplegia or paraplegia

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titration was slanted and cooled. This insured that no change

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wily enables the heart to retain tho excess in the quantity of the

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impossible to secure an anatomically perfect hip where

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salt and water or of quassia and water will sometimes prove efficient.

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discolored and that it is of rough warty appearance and looks

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examination of the urine for typhoid bacilli 92 linger W

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Staci and Matt You both have taught me so much about myself and

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Smith Manrice I. A study of the action of strychnine in certain

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take place she is sent to another institution and afterward there are

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Seedorf has carried out an elaborate research in the problem of iodine

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National Service commenced as from midnight October 31 1917.

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he became resistant and sullen talked very httle and could not be

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ters leaving space between them all around tbe joint for succeeding

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