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but after a time they begin to become painful and when they takd
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eating without an appetite in the mistaken notion that it
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when influenza was present in a household the eyes of
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white precipitate is formed and the dark blue color interestmg.
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with carbol fuchsin decolorized with acid alcohol and counter
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Africa and was a cause of considerable trouble to our
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make forcible traction you are sure at the same time to exert
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about rupture of it the stomach or the diaphragm owing to fermenta
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and all general hygienic measures are of course excellent.
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rapid results are obtained in relatively superficial fis
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neurasthenic symptoms and the physical signs so that
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We learn from the old Masters that they arrived at placing the
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combine to create procidentia is of much greater value.
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patient no longer hears it we may conclude that there is nerve
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organ of Corti consists of outer hair cells and cyl
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but the fumes are highly objectionable. Neither should be relied on. The
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gration from outside is equivalent to saying that the population of
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possible. Boxes should be overhauled or new ones made using
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mortality percentage did not gainsay its execution
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roundings greater freedom and a more natural life than even
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unmixed to the lower half of the body. This therefore remains
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tion of consequences in pleasure and in pain was likewise repeatedly
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or may persist for five or ten minutes. Death from asphyxia is unusual
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malades atteints d affections parasitaires de toutes sortes devront 6galement y
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The affection begins in spring or summer with subjective symptoms similar
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Finsbury Place OfBce. The books as they are issued will be forwarded
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yielded results contrary to those hitherto recorded as representing its com
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lymphatics. Dr. Rolleston 70 has recorded a case in which there was
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cated with a slight procidentia recti which was cured by Van
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branches see Figs. Ill IV and V. The following experi
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the chest in two groups viz. first those indicating the physi
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fluenza coryza coughs and colds chills and fever and dengue with its
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who deal with adults very naturally however because it is so much
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remedies the bitter tinctures may be prescribed un
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felyshippis and seu rally by them selfe Chese of them selfe two
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to the additional asthenia left after the second attack but for which
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air. While this quantity is far in excess of that required
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cholera has a high mortality coryza has no mortality at all at
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and hemorrhagic. Preceding cerebral attacks if slight
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ment relieving First Lieutenant Robert M. Hardaway.
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Directions have been given to ensure that anything printed
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de narcisso mutuatus est a Plutarcbo ad verbum Symposiac. 3 i5
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jerking and the number of pulsations range from forty to sixty
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Strong antiseptics such as bichloride of mercury or
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the society adjourned the meeting having been the most
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lies directed to be formed for the regulation of the public
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voyages it is always necessary to take the matter into consideration
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rapidly that it was almost overlooked by the people surrounding.