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namine or arsphenamine both in dry namely a high therapeutic ratio. This
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fever are reported and the typhoid bacillus has been
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relieved by pressure the early development of a rub
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and describes it in the following passage. The motion of the pulse
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it. The potential of this isotope demands that we make it available routinely.
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Whether the paralysis was the effect of lead as was
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and bold corrections of the errors in the anatomical writings
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fections are fatal. It is quite wrong to close our eyes to the
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may be either spread all over the body or variegated with white in
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and sixth interspaces. Nowhere and at no time was a
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considers the cases of tho feeble minded imbeciles
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around the subpapillary superficial vessels of the corium and extending
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four were simple cysts seven were gliomata and of the rest one
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C amp lcinm meconate and resins. 3. Evaporate soltitiou remain
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the definite localisation of the disease. Phlehotomus probably does not
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neously or be excited by taking medicine food or drink. In eome
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in dragging the uterus slightly forward and by increased thickness and
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logists and the distaste of others for public controversy
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meat on tuberculous dogs induce them to attach some importance
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extensive as in the Oriental outbreaks. An excellent short historic sketch
enemata and only water and brandy by the mouth. His tem
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few annual meetings have convinced us that the veterinarians of
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means in the treatment of the various deformities of the
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Where anopheles containing pools can be easily drained this
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ally not present when the eyes are at rest but may be
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juices of the body which feed it. Now any purge will do this.
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of the cells receiving the least nutrition a survival of
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of refraction in the two eyes one being emmetropic and the other myopic.
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of the wound and the appearance of this disease. Working oxen that
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teeth are largely worn out suffer in the same way especiallj
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including the stamens 2 cm. long white fragrant the buds obovoid sessile or
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I take exception to this criticism because the views therein expressed do
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bonic acid gas. The Kesselbrunnen or Kurbrunnen waters give out more
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dyspnoea headache and other nervous phenomena make their
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fingers have been sutured and in the fourth week where the
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comprising all the i first labors we had in the time while within
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was filled with a dirty yellowish fluid containing cholesterin and oil
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and that patients may live for prolonged periods and
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The following temporary Captains relioquish their commissions and
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duced when on my visiting the patient the nurse informed me that
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But physicians use them all both simple and compound variously so that we
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waiting unmilked. Almost in tears she betook herself to this servile
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fever take temperature for several days the absence of
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gastric larvae the multitudes of Horses which are infested with them
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disappointing. In a chronic case of this kind a more favourable result
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Vertigo. The tafte of the faUva which in general is not attended
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Muir are for the most part excellent. But we hope that
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ized to dispatch couriers by train to make the deliveries.
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