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confumption if the patient lives in a large town or

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His injuries were now rapidly healing. He had left the

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From an experience of eighty two cases of syphilis in vari

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and it was suggested that a few drops of chloroform

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past two years. Not having discovered an anatomic foundation we are

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raised above the level of the epidermis. The cupulated arrangement

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react upon it as one has previously learned to do together with the

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abductor minimi digiti into the fifth metatarsal bone the latter occurred in

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proportion are of the chronic form. The direct exciting causes are

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of Butler Meade and of the committer on technical research of the

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dicted to habits of intemperance great caution is necessary. In

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regarding these guiding principles of investigation.

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work and satisfactorily to accomplish the more important object namely

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There are further no facts whatever which would support a belief that

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the neck is sufficient and very much easier to apply. A high

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nv iriJ Lf cardla end of stomach and situation of spleen r

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In 7 cases the metastases in the spleen were derived from car

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limb to the splint then slight traction is made on extension

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number of the cases of alleged vaccino syphilis must be thrown out. The

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the pupil though constantly contracted became smaller and larger Ac

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tuberculosis mortality in infancy and childhood has been

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be placed the names of those examiners which the various com

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index of correlation measures the degree of morphological kinship or

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draining and filling has been done in the town of Greenwich and the

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presses himself as follows The extirpation that I per

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urinate and a good deal of straining in the effort. The

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basis of the citizens earning capacity and improve

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six months later. The autopsy revealed a distended colon 19i

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faradic current applied to this point would have pro

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Med. Record January 15 1910 also Recent Studies of Pancreatic Secretions Med.

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part of the time during her illness but not as a constant

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certainly be counted in with the disease we are describing. He says

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logy. The pathogenic action of microorganisms can nowhere else

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condition also accompany the second and in addition

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sixteen years.she had never consulted a doctor and she

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car boat and barges carriage of sick and wounded an impro

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subject your councilor has not heard of definite evidence having yet

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charges painful urination and a sense of burning in the vulva and

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more often it is immediately walled off by fibrin and may

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The characteristics of types A B and C are presented for

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supervision from London. I must not here give you details of tliese

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dler twenty three years of age of rather robust constitution whose hands

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could not find their way home so great was the photophobia conjunctivitis

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ing with you not only your own fortunes but hers also for in

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oxide is frequently applied on tumors because of its erosive

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rior parathyrcoids. and they might be enclosed with

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above tonsillar tuberculosis can seldom be diagnosed

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or smell and can b. given with cocoa milk gruel rice etc.

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nasal work. The latter is especially serviceable in get

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of treatment this recommendation of Alt deserves notice. It should be

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Ptomaines not soluble in ether but soluble in chloro

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tacle for storing fresh water. They also used earthern jars and

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The prime object of them all however is to forestall pos

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fioquont sponging locally were necessary to keep the parts

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but the occurrence of the reaction in this disease should be noted and

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but injury below the middle of the thigh involves only tho latter muscles.

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of intestinal digestion is a primary factor in the genesis of this

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teeth are largely worn out suffer in the same way especiallj

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order and the conditions upon which it depends. Obviously if one or

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into the renal jx lvis the eeluuococei or their booklets appear in the

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ing. The dilatations may form large cysts immediately beneatli the l Mira.

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phates nitrates etc. Avithin narrow limits can have no possible

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