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hominy bread and butter and sometimes an egg. At eight

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small octavo the one has 190 pp. the other 159 pp. the

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of the right arm. His wife a young and lovely crea

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assistant of mine arc carcfuUj detailed and sinco then I have tant

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burg said that the results of this investigation rather refuted

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and interpreted in that sense. And likewise in the practice of religious

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former patients did succumb to the poison I could not see that

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observed them in the light of our present knowledge make it

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The Resolutions of this Committee of Sept. 4 1813 which were

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position of the bacterial flora was studied by me by Booker and

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nature was efficient drainage and in consequence the con

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head and limbs and loins shivering vomiting and a quickened pulse.

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action of these currents or discharges. The spark at making and

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ance of section. Here the question as to whether the parents have

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diuretics and the number of recoveries and the prolongations af Ufrl

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ether. The operation then proceeded in the usual manner and has

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ever flourisheth in which have been searched out and demonstrated

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Waterhouse s children was so ill from the new inoculation

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ness and tingling in the feet and marked vaso motor

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E. Hastings Tweedy considers that Stanmore Bishop s state

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gestation and missed labour. They occurred in the lower animals and

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of the varieties named twenty years after transplanting

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or thofe which incline thereunto whereof in each Shippe

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some of the distressing symptoms of phthisis are alleviated by a stay at

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his masterly direction into a large and splendidly equipped

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distention of the latter with the vapor constitutes a maga

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Constitutes the science of medicine relatively to its object

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a modification of this instrument which is the one usu

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those works now sufliciently well known which were the

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the game tremulous action of the muscles. The angyn of the dis

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Most of these cases lasted several months and then to

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crystals l ecoming gray or grayish black on exposure to

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titioner in charge when head disorders do not include madness wants

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wlien performed for recent injury the mortality is 30 per cent or

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verschiedenen Forinen der Nervensyphilis in ihrem ganzen Umfange

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ausser dor Sauggrube worin sich der Mund befindet keino zweite Sauggrube

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excellent physicians. I couldn t have chosen a better

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logical habit appears to be Raynaud s hypothesis namely that vaso

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years he was considered rather delicate after that

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of injury the epiphysis has been incompletely separated from the

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with scar tissue which would directly support the abbre

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heroin in doses of Vth gr. was given hypodermically as required.

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through the mucous membrane where the glycerine is substituted

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and chemical properties of Gases translated by Henry E.

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those who had to work in these temperatures felt weakened

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Notes on the use of the Continuous Current in Arthri

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Hence we are led to the conclusion that the excessive increase

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and tenaion of the reseels be not remoi ed absolute stnns occurs

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stunned falls to the ground where it may remain for ten

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second isk considered the most efficacious. It is found

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say that in a considerable proportion of the reported cases about

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control of the radial. It supplies the muscles attached to the olecranon

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been exposed to the contagion of foot and mouth disease. All

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remedies such as venesection cathartics amp c. I have not given it these

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tion of this kind is practically useless. The addition of 10 per

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minute rule as to the time occupied in the reading of

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due to pneumonia. An increase is shown in the number of

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animal. Then dress the wound with a pledget of tow saturated with tar.

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Recognized as one of the Icadiug provincial surgeons he

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may be high or low even subnormal audible. As death approaches the pulse

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no completely surrounded by a sheath of muscle. From

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well done was the work of the Dinner aud Luncheon Com

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