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solution w as infiltrated over the pensatory hypertrophy which to
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butions. It occasionally leads to such prostration that
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widely employed method of canning perishable foods. Thus
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We may for instance regard the A objects as the straight lines in
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leukocytic extract was administered reaching its maximum at about the sixth
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C. W. West has been confined to his room with an attack
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satiare potest. Sterilis tantum est. Potentiam etiam habet
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usually interesting by the attendance of Dr. Fifield
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making an inspection in the neighbourhood of Arras ho
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the power of contracting the stomach at will and expeling its contents without
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be to a quiet country resort or some special sanatorium or institution. Many
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tions that really commenced tbe long struggle which our
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the mechanical friction of the tongue against the palate
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with ileus operated upon on the first or second day
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irritation behind the ear may at times serve a useful purpose. If syphilis
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nitric acid to a transverse fracture it produces a bright red colour
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ian steppes depend on their horses almost entirely for
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chapter dealing with vaccines in general from the pen of
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The third case was that of a fresh horse upon which the
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mine. I simply refer to this part of the subject to
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The diagnosis further relates to the various local and subjective
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some other Indian gods had a Semitic origin that the Gathas were
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roid gland produces the poison or inhibits its destruction.
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protruding from between the vocal cords. With a pair
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well denied that a mistake has been made in the past
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in winter and less raw in wet weather at all seasons than at
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system is explained on the basis of comparative anatomy and
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organisms and leaves the field less confusing when searching for the tubercle
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branch of the army. The matters which claimed first
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constantly from the sore and at times found in pure
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tatty nature the marrow and are pierced in various directions by
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condemn a procedure which has proven so useful in the treat
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Identity. From what has been now stated it will be seen that the
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in which the tumor grows. Senn rejects the theory of the
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of ischemic heart disease in women Michael S. Feldman MD
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experience may suggest as practicable in association with the present
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justifiable. 2 Distoma hsematobium cause of endemic haematuria
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Professor of Principles and Practice of Surgery College of Homeopathic
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in consequence of the stimulus being applied directly to
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While a student in German universities I had only two opportuni
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tion of the pregnant woman becomes a rightful precaution not so much for
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maine principalis in ttie time of tuinter ano fcnto ftictie as
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grains. The condition of the wound was such that closure by suture
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literature affords very little data on the subject. The
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lution might have been going on rapidly during the prolonged period in
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it can equally well afford to see that the efforts for
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free HCl. It determines both the free HCl and the buffer
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sons therefore constant care has to be exercised to control
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Fuller E. Results following the cure of chronic defects in the
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brown IBnely wrinkled longitudinally. Fracture short. In
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tinue after the uterus have been emptied and hemorrhage
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fir t it actt gt d with considerable benefit and gave every
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results in psychological inquiries. But in our thought at any rate
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be used until the first attack of cystitis. Some even
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which have come to be regarded as predisposing fac
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concept of a sort of general selfhood which guaranteed law and
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It is better therefore to recognize that every act of knowing
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Papers for pubHcation and all other communications for the Edi
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alkaline salt. In some diseases as scurvy an alkaline state of the
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powerfully but intermittently 2 the ligaments more resistant but