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late crowded forming fan like groups alternate from one and a half to

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timely control of the afferent stimuli. It should not be forgotten

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gangsweite betragt. Hierzu muss nun bemerkt werden dass

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held respectively by 115 39 and 10 practitioners. During the

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June 27. Dog is in perfect health weight about 20 lbs.

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who happens to be in the exposed area or who has been victimized

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sweating but in severe cases the sweat outbreak may be

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tal Surgeons. At the date of the Report there were 11

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about the year 1550. Sometimes he was carried up to the roof

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II. This fall of systemic arterial pressure depends on two

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This object was accomi lished to perfection in three

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which at the time of the report had affected twenty

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upward when he lies on the right side. In some cases however the

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lunar cartilage. This was excised and the joint su

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ently in the American Expeditionary Forces. The general organization project

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characters must render the venous system much more favourable than

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edited by Dr. Leonard Hill some years ago one of which is

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salt solution sterile and non irritating has supplanted

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Examination except on evidence that they have already

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The Committee had several Conferences with representatives of

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serious eases the insomnia persists the delirium is incessant the pulse be

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down the left arm. Sir Clifford Allbutt has called attention to the

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and that after persistence of mental symptoms for a certain

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The pulse in general paralysis is then fully discussed

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aarj etc. IlluHtruted by one cbramo lithograph plata

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terior route under ether anaesthesia in one hour and

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in recover gt and medication plays a minor nMe in its management. A

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But it may equally well happen that we can find neither in the

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instructions for dilution printed on the labels are quite mis

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Nankivell and Sundell and by Patterson in the specimens of urine from

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and three or four times a week during the summer season. This supplies

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The presentation of a book devoted to traumatic surgery is

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for a considerable time the extension of the pain was always

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dible how suspicious and reserved our patients in general are

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Threshold for Faradic Stimulation in Normal Human Subjects

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had purchased a revolver to protect himself being a landlord ami was

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Detailed information as to the teaching arrangements oE

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cussed as physiologic fattv changes fattv infiltration and path

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five months age revealed the lower extremities flexed and held

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this desert climate and makes the hot summers bearable the

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temporarily only and in these it calls for no treat

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These infinitesimal stars are the atoms. Like the stars properly

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stagnant shady pools in jungle and among nipa palms in coast villages

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response varying according to races and according to mentalities.

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the relaxation following the struggle from a spasmodic in

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Board has shown that typhoid fever is caused by foul wells in

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the serum from a living animal hence it is useful in medico

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improper food and the many irritant substances which may

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Lieutenant Colonel Dalton was educated at the Cai michael

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past two years. Not having discovered an anatomic foundation we are

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