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ability finally results and a spastic neuralgic con

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either case the amount is so small that for practical pur

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tended with such disastrous results that many farmers have often

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money in any given case but write to show in what manner

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Ex. Bellamy Edward 59 Marf aret street W June 13 1867

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of pathologic change in retina and optic nerve. No organic

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whether the cancer mortality is slightly increasing practically stationary

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sion Straub encephalitis Hering Bornhauser paralysis of

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by the thickening of the tissues about the joint. Thus far there

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Arapahoe County Hospital I found in the wards a pa

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the lower surface. An indefinite mass made out apparently connected with

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vessels are much thickened. There is a small celled growth invading

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cerebral symptoms. This condition of the brain takes the form of

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on the surface hut also in the parenchyma or the larger irregular

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him with all the force and subtlety that the spirit of the people

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ation the patient is treated for chronic cystitis.

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suppuration. If due to syphilis or tuberculosis these conditions must

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or radiography will indicate precisely its locality and will enable

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in the intestine up to 18 days. Flies allowed to walk over plates

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spirits. She stated that she had a feeling that during Test

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point the medical profession will survey it from its side the social

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the mechanism. In the present series of cases the eonnnonest

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Skin Affections. These are comparatively rare but are relatively much

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glison The cowpox is a disease of the cow arising spontane

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into which the whole subject is cast. Nevertheless the scheme

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excitement for he was constantly tearing it I did not think of applying

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The two snakes to which I now call your attention are the

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divinity yet herein are they in extremes that can allow a

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keeping particularly if exposed to light chlorine water is converted

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change takes place in all the tissue traversed by the cur

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that it over powers the toxic germs. Thus it may be

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vention. Is it any wonder that these cases are pro

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standing army sometimes called embryonal substance.

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these substances are determined by the other also and cannot

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raised until the under surface of the os calcis was exposed. At this

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and according to von Monakow in the following order first the conjunctiva

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tion of suppressing them by legislation I as a liealth

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gland following lactation. Admirable microscopic descriptions of the

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summed up tho position. It appeared to me that this was

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to the cell elements of the adventitia an endeavour has been made to

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histological examination of the uterus removed at opera

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precentral. The superfrontal is distinct in the mid and

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sideration of its reliable stimulating qualities and its quieting in

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later life and to emphasize the necessity of a knowl

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That the Fullers were prominent people in the parish for more

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as to have lost its rythmic movements. This muscular irri

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have reported this case as an illustration of the dangers

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the work of Sanarelli have led many to believe that a character

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Throat Department is edited by T. Melville Hardie and will he

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It is true that the United States Veterinary Medical Asso

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fomentations or the steam of hot water medicated with extract of bella

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accompanying purulent gonorrheal salpingitis are due to a

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climate of Thebes is all that the valetudinarian can desire and hence he

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on April 13 1858. Pancoast performed the same operation success

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the laborers exposed to coal dust by millers stone workers steel

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except in cases of immediate danger as my experience has been

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skin glabrous body and oblique eyes of the Asian race The

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manner a third contraction is almost never obtained. hen the bladder and

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not more than those whom we pay for working for us.

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at Edgbaston is that there is a large kitchen which can

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voted on the motion of Dr. Nash and second by Dr. Davison

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to the vulgarizing of science. Joubert was attacked for editing

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femoral vein was thrombosed but no mention was made as to

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lectures of the old fashioned tvpo and that the time

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i nieltyl told him he was a villain he answered be prayed God

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September last had a premature labor at about the sixth

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t rbettmatism or syphilis is elicited. The liver is doughy and

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culate ganglion. Gushing has shown vi. that division of the

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Medical Degrees in Connecticut. At the late commencement at Yah

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Posterior wall of cyst adherent to pelvis. Some suppuration in wound. Dis

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titration was slanted and cooled. This insured that no change

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first it.should be kept well forward making it imfMjssi