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Hospital Service for the week ended January 9 1902

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profound and genuine is certainly peculiar enough to establish

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Professor Gilbert spent the summer of 1913 in the field continuing

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fact which explains its superiority over aqueous antiseptic solutions.

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a disappearance of the villi and glands of the mucosa the blood vessels

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The Pennsylvania Society for the Prevention of Tuber

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slowly. I discovered a small ulceration on the nasal septum

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charades round games music singing and some dancing. The day

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responds on the chest wall with the first and second interspaces below the

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favour of the value of the prophylactic use of antitetanic

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primary pulse wave in the arm stands in apparent contradiction to the

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the onset of the more marked paralytic symptoms sensation

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under the jacket. The sulphur was rubbed well into the

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verted by it in a moderate temperature into salu of orange yellow

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the parts originally affe led by the contadl of infedious matter that

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c.c and always intravenously. This refers only to cobra poisoning

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the digits and is accompanied by itching. See Plate

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estimated the proportion much lower.g. i in 188 Madame La

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The second form of Huebner characterized by the apoplectic phenom

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in Zenker s fluid mounted in celloidin and stained in lienia

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myia fasciata is found at Batoum in large numbers in houses where

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two years but against this were the recent cases in

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the development of a drug habit. I have een repeatedly shocked y the

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Li support of this theory he describes in some detail the anatomy

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shores of the Arctic Ocean he positively lost all ap

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method of titration the oxidation stops far short of complete production

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matic odor leaving a roughish impression on the tongue and devoid of

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with identical symptoms may be produced by any of several species

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nuclear leucocytes is looked upon as a manifestation of

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gram of the amount of petroleum administered by the

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order to acquire as complete a knowledge as is possible

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present perfection of liacteriology and microscopy is the perfec

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calcareous degeneration in the aorta. At first solu

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obtained by reducing the quantity of the food and especially the

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patients who have passed into middle life having from

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sion of spirits and irritabilit of temper and latterl so much

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was a prominent feature of the disease. The oedema when present in

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leaving the latter either partially or wholly free from pain

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knock knee from injury by colored cuts which add materially

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are 1 its atypical character 2 that it is common at

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that it would be impossible for it to do in the dead body.

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is transmitted as soluble peptones though this is not definitely

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pectedly but in some cases there were observed during the incubation

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Marple. The use and abuse of atropin in eye troubles has been

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naturalism which the French sensationalists as I have just inti

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tious maladies are strengthened by the investigations

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these cases the clinician s lalxiratory hid found the

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bly furnish certain substances necessary for the pro

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two large funnels. He demonstrated a reflux of fluid from

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ment alcoholic stimulants etc. giving rise to fever

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through a perineal incision. In the large majority ot cases the

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The fympathy or affociation of motions between thofe of the

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other times. M. Martineau affirms that this regimen has

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Association to give evidence before that Committee. The

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the best preparation he has ever used for constitu

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caseation does not occur unless some other condition be superadded.

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in advanced cases of pulmonary and other forms of tuberculous disease

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