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Report of the Government Entomologist on the Spread of the Tsetse

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analysis from Locke to Ward. All this forms an important chapter

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chronic malady. Beginning often years before any great difficulty of

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sioner of Health for Baltimore after the war. Dr. Pin

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the femoral vessels en masse high up in Scarpa s tri

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here while he who addresses you has that honor directly in

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of morale. To this end close relations will be established through the Third

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tion 13 frequent and shallow and the croature is readily blown and

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vesicles and partly by auto contagion. Thus an ichorous eczema of

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body and nothing whatever is said of the appearance

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delusions of cranks the city or state is bound to protect

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The forty five female carriers or suspected carriers bore the

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viel vergeblicb Disputierens mad t wird inir ailc Hcilmittel verfagen

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for discharges only without further disease. When once infected con

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of alcohol and crystallized. The alcoholic mother liquors may be de

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this part of the country is an unknown liook. essen

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are persuaded that there is a connection between the normal evolution

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exceptional value as a preliminary chemical test for sem

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other medical work at present unidentified bound up with it.

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grain to more than 4 grains estimated as sulphate of copper in

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other allowances made for these animals increased resistance to the

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blastic groups. In fact what evidence there is favors an early

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Unguenti m Plumbi Compositum. Compound Lead Oinlnunt. Mayer s

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temperature fails to rise and after a few hours or possibly days of

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individuals only lead to overlapinng and waste of energy

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these to such an extent that the air of inhabited rooms shall

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ther unknown it is probably owing to some atmospheric agency

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found that the cyst almost invariably refills. Con

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Symptoms are rather peculiar. The animal has difficulty in

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origin. These are in part meningeal in part involve the brain tissue

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separately one and one half cups sifted flour mix butter

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I have more than once recalled the fact that several of the

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fat and drank no brandy and only half the allowance of

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Therapeutics in the Baltimore College of Dental Surgery. Third edi

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which the Russian Government has decided to prohibit

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lary thromboses or of the sinuses tlio formation of ulceration in the

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one occasion rising to 104 F. but always in these cases without any

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is impossible to claas all these together and la down a geneml plan

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ual impulses and often indulge in excesses both ve

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be favourable to his advancement. In the winter time he seems to

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disease caused by a specific septic microbe. The only

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Corn meal has more nutritive value than has white flour

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tions passing from the plexus to the central nervous sys

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calibre of the cavities brought about by non development of tlie

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clinical observation which gives some information as

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H6tel DieQ de Rouen. Division de clinique medicate 2 trimestre 1877.

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If lecithin is exposed to the action of the Roentgen or

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process in many instances. All protracted inflammatory processes in the

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The mixture consisted of sodium chloride dissolved in vinegar.

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eight hours around the whole equator of the lens all

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pour prouver a la posterite lo credit que ce t avori avoit eu

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spoiled gluten meal or ensilage especially such as has been put

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as does the blood when the nerves are cut. The few red

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the organization of the State Society as an arm f the state government

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ot the condition underlying it must depend on the result ol further investigation.

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estimate of their gravity is often formed partly from tradition partly

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place where the pupil is and that small part is covered by the

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due to the fact that the impressions produced on the terminal endings of

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condition also accompany the second and in addition

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strength of the Regular Establishment being maintained

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occurs without any assignable cause and usually in women

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salts of other acids such as bromides chlorides and

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chloroform with much greater care as regards regular and de

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Properties and Uses. This Tincture possesses all the virtues of assa

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Ot gt odsell have for some time taught that when the patient s

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tion. These are primitive they must have been present in the early

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Eye. Specimen 14302 eye enucleated because of rupture causi

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a case which he describes where multiple gangrene occurred

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that the investigations referring to the origin of can

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determined by the instillation of atropine. It will

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patient probably became infected before the operation.

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second time aud the filiform substituted aided by pulling

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the seventh day the patient psissed a small quantity

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Structure and mode of action of the Heart Arteries Veins Capillaries

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doses of calomel. Carelessness will cause ptyalism.

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carbolic acid or other strong smelling antiseptic substance burning

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and had little or no pain thereafter. Pus cavity grad

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Montserrat St. Kitts Nevis and St. Vincent and proved to be Boophilus

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literature and to spend itself like a tropical storm after a decade

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septic irrigations of the urethra should be instituted together with

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of faces and the cwcum and ascending colon may be distinctly bulging

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suitable porch or piazza a tent can be put up usually