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pneumonia in which the horse died in this way during the fifth week.
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region there are numerous discrete pinpoint to pinhead sized hemorrhages. They are
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for the purpose of exciting the reflex of lung contraction
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solid anastomosing columns of cells and a cellular tissue
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way of the inferior cerebellar peduncles. Their section causes
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brown IBnely wrinkled longitudinally. Fracture short. In
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sessing powers of selection elaboration and even digestion. Mar
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and especially as to their ultimate fate. During their actively moving
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to describe climatic conditions investigate the symptomatology
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was enlarged the kidneys showed parenchymatous nephritis of con
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Medical Director. Detached from the Naval Recruiting
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plication of the lumbar pelvic and femoral muscles they explain
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occur at this period. The period of silence is very variable also and
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The administration of alkalies has a beneficial ef
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the beginning of the operation the membranes were still unbroken the os was
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It was necessary for the new recruiting organisation to establish
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also with effusion of lymph thickening of the pia araehnoid and mat
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equal to G times the standard unfiltered dose. They were
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obtained the parathyroid glandules for his patient from two individuals
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are recognized by all the Ucensiug corporations in the
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also spoke of areas which made him think of halisteresis areas in
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tem falls a prey to poisons which are otherwise un
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whole of their career they never lost touch with patients. Then
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the results of differentchemists fir St one by Henri and Chevallier
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tion are so characteristic that it is only in cases
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of the ileum six noditles scattered over a length of intestine of
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natural family Terebinthacea and to the Linnaean class and order
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nal hysterectomy can be made a nearly bloodless opera
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not too adherent the tonsil may be cocainized and the up
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insisted attributing the then prevalence of erysipelas in the spring not to
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and same was laid over under the rules until the next
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faces of the latter. The mother informed me that the child had
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Commanding officers of hospitals were directed to make proper notations on
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A species closely related to Mucuna gigantea DC differing from that species
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precentral. The superfrontal is distinct in the mid and
of the lower jaw in the supraclavicular region by an incision parallel to
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ties who certainly ought to know and are not merely
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the laborers exposed to coal dust by millers stone workers steel
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Bleeding from the pancreas is sometimes very trouble
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believed will elfectually abate the smoke nuisance in the large
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Bull Kaglan Thomas and Andrew Clark presented our case
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ant sedative antispasmodic and secondarily cathartic diaphoretic and
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Thus the facts are presented by the Health Insurance
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atheroma. In man where the latter condition is very common aortic
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essential for the articulate formation of the syllables.
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The following are a few selected clinical cases which illustrate
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My colleague who was at once called carefully examined the animal
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any class of affections in the diagnosis and treatment
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menting upon the improvement made upon the Thames water by
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ous to make itself apparent to the sense of smell. In
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A series of post gialuate courses in the diagnosis of
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be suppressed. Foi age should be dried when possible and dry fodder
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geitis affecting the intrahepatic ducts the adjacent
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obscure aud cannot be distinguished from the effects of chlorosis and
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tis. The application of the following solutions is followed by
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safety withheld. A very moderate course of mercury managed so as to keep
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KENT COUNTY A iYTjUM. Maidstone. Junior Assistant Medical
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