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from previous cases. The main argument adduced by both these observers

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tion, and it is only by constant vigilance on the part

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Governors of the Norfolk and Norwich Hospital Dr. Bateman

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The writings of two of the authors above alluded to relate only

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conceded to be the last refuge for oppressed humanity, the last asy-

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The eruption consists of roseola, papules, vesicks,

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ton. Wood, Bartholow, and others, as well as upon notes

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that the suprarenals are at fault in the child. I think possibly the supra-

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ready reference when he becomes a practitioner and has not

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Late Assistant in Gynecology and Obstetrics, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.

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but our radiologists indicated that the contrast was

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and the level will remain apparently stationary for several seconds,

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have to take on extra compensatory work and are not infrequently

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That the specific agent causing lymphadenoma, whatever its

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causes, nor to any obvious cause. This renders it probable that a special

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affected bone, of greater or less size, becomes necrosed from

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The first duty of the physician is to endeavor to dispossess the mind of

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constitutional disturhancf, viz., anorexia, thirst, nausea and vomith

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deposited both within the spaces occupi<!d by the cartilage-cells and in the

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num ; and in addition to the abscess in this locality there is

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Is there a disease in the bovine race which is a true

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homicide, unless death takes place within a year and a day after the infliction

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normal response for this animal, but it brought the pressure back to

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of graver significance when it occurs in valvular cases with prominent

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support M. Olliers opinions, really denied his propo-

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''When the affection of the bowels that was excited in the older children con-

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The following changes of station and a.s8ignment to duty are an-

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medical class in the Meath Hospital, on points connected with

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sions were, therefore, that in the early stages the woman should be allowed to

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