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work. Two paid with their lives for such carelessness. Cholera

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fungous sugar which disposes the watery extract of ergot of rye so

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He had now three separate attacks of headache in the course of the

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was severe being complicated by pneumonia and the paralysis developed

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and the upper of thin greenish serum many months recurrence may occur

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The author is not an extremist and writes with moderation and

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bodies of mixed cartilaginous and bony nature are wandering

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but after a time they begin to become painful and when they takd

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fragments occurs on the side opposite to that from which

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respectively. Now and then small specimens of the contents

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body is unusually well developed beino ve.y muscular in his arms. Cir

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erection of the penis in men with expulsion of semen or prostatic

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obtained at any time by sending a letter or telegram

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false reports calculated to influence our soldiers against

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Congenital Cysts. These are found on the anterior surface or

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tortoises that is whether that be strictly true or to be taken

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tissues before mentioned were removed so soon after

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homuie Cramoisi il avoit pourtaut Tanie toute loyoliti lt ue ct

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as the patient begins to improve there is an increase

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She stated that early in the war her attention had been

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ing of the reasons that inspired Riolan in his oppo

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vice. Unfortunately the physician is seldom consulted early enough

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port will not have to give up the struggle and go back

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reaction to digitalis was observed was reported at a later date

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Analysis of the 1000 cases showed hyponiotility with the opaque

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centers described by Flemming and it is a question whether they

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the shells with an oyster knife taking care to lose none

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direct medication is not surprising but it is indeed strange that in

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Received injection of salicylate of mercury lYi grains

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so universally beneficial as atropine and it sooner

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diplopia. There is in children a peculiar oscillation of the eyeball. Carpopedal

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exposure to cold during his employment. Dr. Braithwaite

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separation becomes more difficult while along the ure

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pharynx. The question of feeding after an operation is im.por

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He said to me I understand you have a patent to cure

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duration of human life while during the life of this Society all modern

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only signs of the loss of health. The other symptoms are great

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the inewes fharpneth the fight is good again ft venoms

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Properties and Uses. Said to be alterative and antiscrofulous. Used

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monly they are numerous the large spots are formed by the coalescence of

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are the most frequent signs of the onset of consumption

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of work which is of such vital importance to all opera

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fredi s Anatomy is original and probably unique for its age. There

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publication subscription or advertising deportment if this Journal

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continue to develop and refine their patient communications medical

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structing the nasal cavity in the other. Valuable reviews of the

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turnip tops water cresses lettuce mushrooms celery.

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ation was 43 000. Differential count Polynuclear. 58

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condition of the latter being often also present at the same time.

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have been unnoticed beforehand. In several cases the patient has recalled

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healthy ideas unphysiological notions bad cases they become confirmed

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has been elected chairman of the Committee on Lunacy of

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the one and the blowing character of the other. We must

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damgrotzky. Roll EHinger. The total weight of the organ may

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tamoscs of the vessels of the infarcted area and the venules and

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hours is taken into consideration it will be seen that interference with

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referred to was a young man of twenty five who attrib

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plastic inflammation that even when they are widely gaped open

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and the serous cavities was a very constant symptom. It was a little

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sibility of such an irritation cannot be overlooked

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which students must pass are the Preliminary Scientific

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cases and circumstances as they do In the blood count

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practical courses of instruction given at the Maudsley

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have not found any accurate and full account of this matter

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does it follow that logic should bow to scientific fact and recognize