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pyelitis and cystitis also in dropsy of cardiac renal or hep.

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There seems a fair chance that the Mediterranean country will have elimi

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treat those doctors very badly and by putting money in

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bulbar paralysis. 1 I have formerly described a case in which the

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perature and augmented action have changed the dead blood

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medical profession that does nothing to arouse sen

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body as a whole. That I think is a matter of depart

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thought represented a different stage in the life history

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Etiology. Intense hyperaemia of the kidney is a cause of renal hemor

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After due examination the arm was amputated at the shoulder joint and

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observed by Heller had two fathers their mother and two sisters

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gradually dries forming a transparent mass. It is completely

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carbolic acid or other strong smelling antiseptic substance burning

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few hours only when the gut is taken out and quickly dried for

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A Sinking Fund Committee to consist of the President who

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tain Sanatorium for Indigent Consumptives. Maryland

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Fourth the Isotope Program is also beginning discussions

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pletely divide Ijloodvessels by end to end anastomosis.

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We hear on good authority that there is at present under considera

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found to give positive Wassermann reactions. These investigations

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stertorous breathing from which he recovers with feeling of stupor

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In discussing the conditions under which bacilli may he

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Sight and hearing normal. uterus curetting shows no evidence

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more resistant and more dangerous intruders as the bacilli of

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to death dilatation of pupils gasping respiration perhaps vomiting.

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arytaenoidei had occurred the adductors were still unaffected. The

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suggestions the profession may have to offer regarding

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wrist was much darker than the broader distal part expanded over the

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of live weight are required to induce fatal poisoning. It

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unusually virulent was isolated and considered as the pathogenic

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manceuvics have been devised to make this process pos

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the blood vessels neural lymphatics or actual nerve substance. Tetanus

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exposures fail to show injury to the respiratory mechanism while they are

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should be given the careful consideration of all who

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percepts exact observation needs a highly trained capacity. The

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all vfcs Touching the inward vfes thereof it is good a. y srfsd

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snuffing the last spark of life that was diml manifest. It was

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ing cachexia febrile disease hyperthyroidism diabetes mellitus

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driasis I have taken the liberty of distinguishing it

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to which the term haemoptysis should he restricted results from a variety

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element of nutrition. Bovinine is ideally indicated as a food. From

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tive cholocystotomies Kehr had 68 operations with three deaths

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As to the bibliographic aspect have we not already a sufft

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minutes from this exhibit will be of much practical

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an abdominal hysterectomy. Just before the uterus was detached from

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negative. Blood examination showed red blood corpuscles 4 4S0

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increase the opening between the mitral valves constantly tending

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heart and liver and cloudy swelling of the kidneys.

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a transient existence is retained and is always recognizable in later

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allied hospitals to the mayor discloses a condition of

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reports of the scientific.sections arc concluded in the

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the aortic lumen. It was of large size and was entirely filled with

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guineous and reparable particles but is made up of veins

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second poem a four dollar order on The MacIntoshElectric Co. Mr. Frederick

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hardness absorption diminishes much more rapidly in these indicators than

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this but notwithstanding the many investigations of it nothing of

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be regarded as consisliag of three parts each intend

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and relates six illustrative cases. The restriction of movement

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is opened with the express purpose of seeing in what direction

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quisite amphoric phenomemi and loud resonant rales. Die condition