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portion hardness and other physical qualities of the morsel by the tongue

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ing process as stated taking place with remarkable ra

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watch stopped so the physician then knew that the body contained

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very concentrated food frequently repeated in small quantities. Mason

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tion. I will not occupy time with any extended consideration of

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virtue which somehow lent an exuberant fertility to the dates.

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beginning at its posterior edge. Soreness of the aifected

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part of the day. In addition to these general symptoms

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ciency from stenosis for the one always produces the other and we

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In their less active life the heart became irregular in

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patient and physician seem more ready to accept the association

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In order to appreciate fully what aseptic surgery has accom

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of infection through the bites of mosquitoes was by

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Blue Ridge Mountains. By January 1915 the State had been cleared

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sally accepted. At the same time little is said of the exceedingly

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neckes a crowne with a cheyne argent pendent therat as now

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not be preceded by constipation or looseness of bowels or

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siderable diminution in its size since the first examina

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tion to the onward progress of the intestinal contents. The

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Diseases of the Ovaries and Tubes. Montgomery Section G

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The action of drugs on the inhibitory apparatus is of more

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and came finally to the grand conclusion not only that the tides of

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B. cedematiens with invasion of the edematous fascial planes and lymphatic

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years testifies to the value and palatableness of the

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are very common after operations about the mouth and nose after tracheot

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compensation as a result of a civil action or specific

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PRELLWITZ Etymologisches Worterbuch der griechischen sprache. Gottingen

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tary until in chronic joint disease it may be present in

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immediately on the appearance of this symptom it is in most in

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to hold in the light of our preseut knowledge is that it

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ot each half of the uterus minus its mucous membrane

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of the elephantoid change the fact shows the antagonism of the streptococcus

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emptied. In many others there must be a supposition that infection

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his reputation as a safe teacher an astute diagnostician and

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The material was dried at 105 extracted with very dilute

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throat sometimes under the throat and sometimes at the sides.

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tion covering eighteen pac es. Jn children hilum tuber

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The first consideration is proper injection made. The headache car

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The tissues bulged easily there being but very slight

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occurs externally in the lumbar region. The bladder ureter pelvis of the

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congenital deafness these parts were found to be in

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legs closer together you notice the immediate return

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adherents. Magnesium sulphate in saturated solution has

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the causes and control of disease in its universities and

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of the sputum tubercle bacilli will probably be detected in abundance.

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examining into the clinical symptoms described as due to this disease j

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ing the tissues appears to possess a sedative action on the

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surgeon but it is hoped that year by year an increasing number

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at Paris and some of the French cities have establish

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apparatus had to be brought to bear to maintain the

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all news interesting to medical men and not only scientific articles. He also

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It has been known for years that vigorous artificial respira

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pest in Hungary clear through to the English cities over our

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later omit the use of and fruits especially of the

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rescue of five persons by a young corporal of artillery

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by respiratory and cardiac trouble as in man and the dog but neither

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terference must be instituted if we desire to do our

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source of such wholesale infection. In his report to Washington

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In judging of this question we have scarcely any but French

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ever flourisheth in which have been searched out and demonstrated

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Du Suicide et de la Polie Suicide consideres dans leurs

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understand the secrets of life and the cause of disease as

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graduate courses the competencies listed by the National Council of Schools

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attempts to decompound it have failed. Oxygen bas been consi

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associated with word deafness but there have been a few cases recorded in

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the black vault of heaven the bright stars like luminous pupils

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eral Board of Vocational Education Washington D. C

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ment which acts upon the protein bringing it into existence and no other.

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men committed suicide in 1901. The report is mildly

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combine to create procidentia is of much greater value.

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ployed an ointment composed of equal parts of copaiba and resin

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differ snce in the interest the enthusiasm and the energy with

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molasses improves it nearly a teacup flour the fruit using

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each vessel was caught separately and tied with fine catgut

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considers differential diagnosis between syphilis tuberculosis and

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face of the skin as a little reddish orange point scarcely

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Pipsisseway Chimaphila umbellata A sicor Diu. Stim.

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motions of folid hquid and aerial bodies there is neverthelefs a

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macist tliat he has relied on the manufacturer or jobber

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Baltimore for an essay entitled The Regeneration of

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the sixth rib. On standing the cardiac area becomes strikingly enlarged especially

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pressure effects are produced beginning with the veins which are least

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affections of the blood veaaol wo have do hcsitatjoa in eaj ittg

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While a student in German universities I had only two opportuni

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larynx. 2 Primary laryngeal infection. 3 Primary tubercular

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advance but on arrival an investigation into general sanitary

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The Judicial Council shall be composed of nine mem

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About an hour after fallin 4 over her bicycle and striking

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to be hoped that further subscriptions may be received

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