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in the shape of a letter N not allowing any aqueous humor

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used in the Hospital for Diseases of the Throat They may be much

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such as syphilis or alcoholism. If such a taint exists at the time

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it the apparently similar cells of the early embryo are grouped together to

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the surplus is stored away in fat. That is nature s

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wasted. All wooden wheels in Belgium have straw ropes woven around

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supposing it to be nothing more than common scrofulous inflammation to

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sion and stimulation of different parts of the cardiac mus

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Moreover there should be no compulsory detention of

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excepting the hide bound partizan. There is a desire

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cartilages and the adjacent sternum. The posterior me

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way alone can any fair conclusions from results be given for unless we

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patient s consent. This decision applies only to enlisted men

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in the ca cal region. Acute hiemorrhagic iancreatitis niay produce symp

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have engaged in the practice of obstetrics in this country

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orocess was limited to the appendix or to the tissues

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pulse vertigo delirium sympathetic vomiting dyspnoBa and dysphagia

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readily obstructed by lateral pressure or by internal swelling by secre

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Diagnosis. It is not difficult to distinguish this form of neuralgia

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There were no deaths for cases admitted prior to 1920. The total

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endeavored to suture the borders of the perforation

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the seeds at a tablespoonful. After death from colchicum poisoning

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issued to the medical profession and the general public

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of Drs. Dunn and Sullivan two local veterinarians. I tied him

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pend upon the interest and personal cooperation of the

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bad and there has been a slight break in my voice ever since.

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tive as in those cases of marked descensus uteri in

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In an excellent critical review of all the intestinal flagellates

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corruplly written says Johnson for ity or a source of information.

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terminate in fircy ulcer. No swelling of a hind limb or any

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on which public opinion ought to have much more effect than legislation.

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of control over bladder and rectum no bedsores. Two

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is instant loss of sensation and volition vomiting

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according to Virchow depend on the foundation of a tissue by

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it as well as into it. It could not have been foreseen

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cheese however and high game pork fat mutton and rich

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and perplexities of speculative biology but I have found them to

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diabetic group. Attention is directed to the preponderance of

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extremities where they are free and give an appearance when the

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presence of diabetes mellitus. It may be concomitant with or

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of 156 cases of prostatic obstruction of the bar variety

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The jn ofession must decide whether it was prepared to

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supply to the vital centres was also maintained. The vis a tergo

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aspect of the people in these cases has never failed to

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who transplanted protective fascial layers to cover the closed wall

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of refraction. Forty one men believe that the use of cycloplegia

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Sandflies troublesome in the houses of the natives 79

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with a horror that is entirely uncalled for the suggestion

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presented those signs which have been already described in

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aged thirty four had had occasional attacks of severe pain and vomiting.